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Adjusting Demo Bindings?

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Looking for some rock skis? How easy is it to adjust demo bindings for my boots and to do it right? Any guides out there? Safety first, don't want to blow out the knees!
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Usually real easy .... but .... some demo bindings are low end and only adust at the heel. This is not good because it can put you too far aft.

I have Look and Tyrolia upper end demos on a few pair of skis and like them because I can find the sweet spot (a bit forward for me).

Play with the toe first and get the ski center mark and boot center aligned and then just get the heel set right. Have a release check done when you find out where you like them.
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My Look Novas are very easy - the toe is labeled clearly for boot length - the heel adjustment is known when a line is centered in a window on the side of the heel piece binding. Then of course - you need to know your DIN setting... Yuki is right - I also play with the adjustment depending on snow conditions - center for hard pack, back for pow...

I ski tech at Sugar Bowl showed me how for free one day - I gave him a nice tip for his time....
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OK, the front releases with removal of the two black screws and tapping with the plastic mallet moves the toe. How do I determine center point? I see no marks on the Dynastar ski to line up with the boot?
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