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East (tries) to meet West

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First, a thank you in advance. These forums are incredibly helpful, particularly for someone like me who lives in not-so-ski friendly Western New York but who is trying to get advice/gear for an out West backcountry trip. (I'll be taking my annual trip to Telluride in two months, where, increasingly, the locals I ski with out there have been taking me into the backcountry. This year it is a hut trip, and I've decided to start building up my own AT setup instead of mooching everything off of them.)

First, boots. I think I am going to go all out on a new pair. (God they're expensive!).

My problem: I know fit is everything, but no one within 100 miles of where I live stocks an AT boot of any kind. The return policy at backcountry.com seems pretty liberal, and I have been thinking about ordering both a pair of the Scarpa Tornadoes and either the Garmont Adrenalins or Endorphins and simply returning the pair with the lesser fit. A couple of questions:
* has anyone had any experience returning something ordered through backcountry.com? Is it pretty hassle free?
* What's your best guess as to whether the Scarpa or the Garmont will fit my foot better? (I'm a size 11 with a narrow heal, a medium arch and widish toe spread. Nordicas alpine boots have traditionally fit me well.)
* On the Garmont side of the equation, should I go for the Adrenalins or the Endorphins? (Price matters, but so does performance because I will be using these in an alpine setup in bounds too. I weigh 180.)
* Of the three, which is the stiffest and most likely to perform best inbounds?

For skis (I already have AT bindings) I'm thinking about taking advantage of a closeout at Sierratradingpost.com on the Atomic Kontega Tele Skis. (Seems like a sick deal). Questions:
* Any thoughts on using those as an AT ski?
* Any thoughts on a size? Sierra has them in 163/172/181. I'm 6-1, 180 pounds. I've always thought of myself as someone who likes to ski long skis (I haven't bought new skis in 15 years and still often ski on my 207 Rossi 7xks, so I am a bit behind on the times!) I have rented short, fat skis out West. Wow, what a difference, but I still have this feeling that I like to go longer rather than shorter when given the choice. Then, last time I rented, the only high performace ski the shop had was in a 162. It felt weird to me, but I must say, I never skied better. Thoughts?
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... Just realized I have a choice when it comes to Scarpa, too, with either the Tornado or Tornado Pro. Any one know the difference?
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I assume you'll be hut trippin' with San Juan Huts? If so, they offer rentals as an option if you don't want to buy everything.

Whatever boots you get, getting a good fit and from a bootfitter is critical. Personally, I'd be fine with anyone of the boots you mentioned, but the Scarpas generally fit my narrow heel very well. I think the Garmonts are for higher volume feet. but look appealing and haven't tried any on ....yet. I believe the Tornados, Endorphins & Adrenalins are the only DIN compatible AT boots where the Garmonts have swappable soles. The Tornados have a smoother sole and aren't ideal for hiking but probably fine for most on & off-piste versatility.

For an excellent BC savvy bootfitter in T-ride, Dave of (formerly known as) Screamin Doggies Custom Bootfitters in the Mountain Village: (970) 728-8125. If by chance in Durango: Keith of PineNeedle Mountaineering for AT & Tele, both Garmont, Scarpa & probably Crispi.
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I bought my Adrenalins from Dave at Screamin Doggies and suggest you look him up and make an appointment before you leave. If you could take an extra day to get outfitted with boots in Telluride, I think that you would not only be happier with the fit, but will find a much better than retail deal as well.

If you buy from Backcountry.com please consider becomming a supporting member of Epic. You will receive 15% discounts on purchases at Backcountry and Tramdock (supporters can send a PM to "Powstash" and he will set you up with codes). This discount will be substantial if you are buying bindings, boots, probe, shovel, beacon, skis, skins, etc. No limits on the code from Powstash. You can help the site at the same time by connecting to Backcountry through the link at the Partners tab at the top of the page. BC is excellent and hassle free for returns. A return authorization procedure and label are included in all their shipments.

As far as fit, post some information on what boots you are currently using, and information about your fit / feet and perhaps we can better guide you.
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Good advice. I have thought about waiting until I get out to T-ride to buy. But also wanted to get a few turns on them locally in NY before taking them into the backcountry.
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FWIW, while composing my previous post I could not recall Dave's new company name:

The new name is Best Fit Sports and Screamin' Doggies is still being used on the signage.
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Originally Posted by gmunno View Post
... I have thought about waiting until I get out to T-ride to buy. ...
IMO, that's what you should do.
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Another good store in Colorado - with a good website too - is Bent-gate in Golden: http://www.bentgate.net/

I talked with them over the phone, ordered the boots (already knew my size - but they were returnable), heated the liners and skied them a bit at home in NH then in CO. After 5-6 days of use, I took them to Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge.

I bought the Adrenalins 2 seasons ago. My feet are narrow. Jeff did an outstanding job - though the boots fit well out of the box, the fitting made a significant difference. I'd probably go for the Endorphins if I had a choice - I prefer as much boot as I can get.

Haven't tried the Tornadoes, though have read very good things.
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