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I went to check the trailmap for the place I used to ski in highschool and it's actually an example of a small area which has done a good job with its map.
Intrawest luckily had the means to hire Master Niehues to do the map.

I had planned to check out Mountain Creek/Vernon Valley on a quiet weekday last year, but the meager snowfall ruled that out. Does it suck as bad as everyone says?
</font>[/quote]I have only skied there once since it was bought out. They renamed most of the trails since I raced there and added some lifts but it's still pretty good for a small mountain. You should only go on a weekday since it is really crowded with "skiers" in NFL team jackets etc. on the weekends. On weeknights there are many ski clubs and part of the mountain is closed for the racing teams.
The trails are fairly short but some are steep enough and/or get icy or bumped up enough to get interesting. It's worth checking it out if you live in the southern NY/northern NJ area.

They have added some pretty crazy looking terrain park features. Check out and