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Hello from the new guy! Also have a question about Volkl Skis!

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Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on the forum. My name is Andrew and I just signed up here a few minutes ago. Um...a little about myself, well I love skiing! I have been skiing since I was about 9 years old, I am 23 years old now. I don't get to go as much as I would love to, but that is life sometimes.

I live in the lower part of Oregon just off of I-5 in a smaller city/town called Roseburg. Mt.Bachelor is about 4 hours away, and there are 2 smaller ski resorts 3 hours from me. One is south on I-5 and one is north on I-5.

I wouldn't call myself an expert skier by any means however I would say I am somewhat advanced, I will take on almost any run in my area, but cliffs....not a fan in any way! I will leave those for the crazies!

Well that is just a little bit about me, now on to my question/statement about a pair of Volkl Ski's.

A member of the car club I belong to has a pair of brand new still in wrapping Volkl Unlimited AC2 skies and Marker Bindings(not sure on what model of bindings yet) both of which are in the box, never used, unmounted....not a big deal. Anyways, I can buy both the skis and bindings for $375. *EDIT* Oh and they are 170cm in length, which is 7cm shorter than what my Atomics are...however my Atomics aren't shaped, and these are.*EDIT*

My problem is that these skies from what I see are running upwards of $700 bucks....just the skies. Might be a silly question but should I jump on this? Any red flags going up to anyone else? Almost seems a little too good of a deal. Input wanted! Thanks!
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Looks like a good deal on an intermediate ski. It might not be enough ski for you though.
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i think it would depend on several variables:

how tall are you?
how much do you weigh?
how many days a year do you ride?
where do you normally ride?
what type of conditions do you normally ride in?

it's been said on other threads in the past, that it's not a deal if you end up with the wrong ski, regardless of what you paid for them.

the rule of thumb i use is that if it seems like a deal but i'm not familiar with the ski, then I pass. i'd rather save the $300 or so and put it toward something i'm 75-100% sure I'll enjoy/is right for me than to spend it on something i won't like (i did this last year and now I'm stuck trying to unload a pair of skis at a substantial loss).

i'd say if you haven't been on "shaped" skis yet, you should probably demo and pass on this deal.

the thing is, there's always another deal around the corner, usually a better one!

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I have used shaped skis more than enough to know I do like them. I just have never changed from my Atomics because I am kind of attached to them...they have been great. However they are starting to show their age and it is time for new ones.

As for all the questions dookey...
I am 6 foot even

I weigh between 150 and 195 lbs, depending on the time of year.*Yea that may seem odd, but hey, that is just how I seem to work*

I don't ride as much as I would like to, but I get in as many as I can...just depends on my schedule. It would be enough to justify the expense in my book.

I live in Oregon, so I ride a few places. Um....Mt.Ashland, Mt.Hood, Mt.Bachelor, I ride Willamette Pass, and I take trips to Heavenly every now and again. Not world class, but they are were I can get to without HUGE expenses.

As for the conditions? Name them. I ride all sorts of snow, in all sorts of weather. If the weather and snow is bad on the day I go, I still ride it. Bad snow is better than no snow in my book....again might be weird but hey...I always manage to have fun.

My father has a set of Volkl's that are just a couple years old, and he loves them to death. Not sure of the model...but they are still nice and he paid a bit for them. He has ridden K2's, Atomics, Rossi's, and few other brands and he says these have been the best for him.

My BIG fear is that 7cm difference. Will it throw me off that bad? Its almost 3 inches shorter than my Atomics...however from my understanding you can use a slightly shorter skies on shaped than non-shaped.

*Sigh* Still in the air on this one.....
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Looks like a good deal on an intermediate ski. It might not be enough ski for you though.
As I was reading, I was thinking this exact same thing.

Its a great intermediate ski, but if you're advanced, this ski will not kick it up that extra notch you'll be seeking. However, for that price, you may be able to buy them try them out and resell, surely getting your money back out of them if they aren't what you want.
Great deal for what they are.
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buy 'em. They're way more fun than your atomics and the 7cm will just make them easier to ski, you won't lose any performance in stability or float.
There are loads of skis that would be fun for you, I think, if you are thinking of replacing an older 'straight' ski with something modern. And being as there are loads of options, most of which will be completely viable, I'm sure you'd be stoked with the AC2.
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It sounds like you are an advanced skier; you ski anything except cliffs in any condition. IMHO, unless you only ski slowly and don't need to make any high force turns this ski will not be stable enough at high speed and will not give you the grip you need.

Pass, unless you know a lower-level skier who needs a late Christmas present.

For $20. Realskiers.com gives you access to reviews of many many skis from the last several years. They give speed ranges for the skis and icons that indicate suitability for different levels and types (modern carving/old style) of skiers. I suggest you spend the money and make a mental list of suitable skis, then buy one when you find a deal on it.
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Wow! Thanks for the advice on this, I am some what amazed with the help. I am in agreement with Samurai about liking the fact of having these ski's because they are nice.

However Ghost and TrekChick make a few great points and I think it is the biggest problem I have with my Atomics, not enough grip on higher speed turns. The Atomics are somewhat limiting my skiing at this point, and the AC2's would be an improvement, but not enough to do what I want.

I am starting to lean away from getting the ski's and just waiting for a great deal on something that would fit my needs better.

Since I haven't bought new skis in a few years, anyone have any suggestions on what they like? I also checked out realskiers.com for information as well.
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Demo before you buy?

Have you considered demoing a pair of AC-2's to help you make up your mind? They're available in the Tahoe area, so bet you could find some to try in Oregon. rickp (skiing AC-3's)
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I'd demo and also consider the Volkl 5 star or 6 star. Less likely to hold you back and yet a good all around option as far as skis go.

Or maybe an 06 AC3. They were a bit softer last year and may fit your needs without holding you back.
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Our own dawgcatching runs a shop near Bend where you can demo a bunch of different skis. That said, I don't think that AC2 is enough ski for you. Last years AC3 would be nice (as Trek said) or this year's AC4 for more float in the snow you tend to get out there. There are a number of others, as well, if you're ready to consider the wider range of skis available, both new and up to a few years old.
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Check REI for AC3

FYI, REI recently had 05/06 AC3's on sale for just over $400 as I recall. Close to your budget. Good luck, rickp
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Thanks! That information helps a lot, When I can get to the mountain and ski, assuming the weather changes I will try and demo AC3's and see how those work for me!
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Go for the AC4s (82mm waist) in the 170cm length. You will be glad you did. At the 170cm length the AC4s has a wicked turning radius for an 82mm waist.
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Originally Posted by AndrewST View Post
Thanks! That information helps a lot, When I can get to the mountain and ski, assuming the weather changes I will try and demo AC3's and see how those work for me!
Keep in mind the difference between the 06 and 07 AC3 and AC4, there are some reviews on them. You will likely like the older AC3 better or the current AC4.

Sorry to complicate things but we are the gear geeks!
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If you don't need the skis right now, you can always wait for those spring sales!
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