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FF+ activation

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Since there is no snow, I'm going over my new bindings. I understand from the manual that the freeflex + activation requires that the large screw be turned 180 degrees to engage this feature upon binding installation. I trust that the tech who installed the bindings did a proper job. The bindings are straight and true, forward pressure is perfect, DIN is maybe 0.25 to low, but I can live with that. However I'm a firm believer in "trust but check". I am also very good at breaking things, so I have learned to do as much research as possible before messing with things. The screw is basically a slot that alignes across the ski and has a tiny raised boss marking one side of the slot. The question is, "Should this boss be closer to the heel piece when the freeflex + feature is working?"
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Well, unfortunately my multitude of FF+ mounted skis aren't available for me to check in person, but going off this clip from the Tyrolia tech manual, it looks like the screw is supposed to be turned so that it's closer to the toe piece, rather than the heel (for reference, in this pic the toe would be at the bottom left, and heel is top right).
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That's the picture I saw, but it's not clear to me if the screw has been turned, or is about to be turned.
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Dot points toward the tip.
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I'm pretty sure that in the picture the arrow is indicating that's the way you should turn it. That is, the screw hasn't yet been turned yet.
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Thanks guys. Right you are. The screw turned easily, and as it turned the springs compressed a bit.
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