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Bill Johnson

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Was watching RSN today, they showed some 1984 interviews with Bill Johnson, and a recent pre-accident interview. It was interesting, so I poked around - found a fairly detailed article that is interesting: http://www.latimes.com/sports/olympi...ports-olympics
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Pretty sad.
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A tragedy.

I met Johnson in Jan 1991 when he was ambassador at Crested Butte and had the strong sense then of a man living right on the edge, someone for whom disaster was always just a blink away.

As an ambassador, he was less than brilliant, it has to be said! He was assigned to our media party to guide us around the resort, but instead revelled in ski-ing away from us at speed, showing off his awesome skills the while, and then looking back up the hill at us with disdain as we tried to follow in his tracks!

Back in the bar, he was great company - one of those people whose presence fills the room. A charismatic character who always had to take centre stage, able to infuriate and beguile in the same breath, and an outrageous flirt!

I think I'll stick with those memories and not dwell on the now, but I do hope that time can heal and he can regain at least some of what made him such a remarkable sportsman.
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Sorry for my ignorance, but who is Bill Johnson? What happened to him?
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Have a look at the link in the first post.
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It's a very moving story, beautifully written.
Lucky to be alive? It certainly sounds almost miraculous that Bill Johnson survived that fall. But what a tragic turn of events.
Bill is certainly lucky to have had people of that quality around him, fighting to save his head.
Was he lucky that the US team allowed him to return to downhill at that age? He seems to have an issue with the team, and even now wants to return. Are age limits on the agenda? Who is the oldest recorded downhiller? (I'd be interested to know)
But, when all's said and done, does Bill Johnson himself feel lucky to be alive?
It's maybe the one poignant question the article didn't address.
Anyway, I hope his sons get to know more of the father they once enjoyed.
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Yes - when I was training and competiting in the extremes at the Butte, Johnson was the ambassador there and was assigned take some of us around one day. It was not an enjoyable exprience, and several of the folks (including folks who you've seen in the movies and magazines) compained to Gina (head of Marketing for CB) afterwards.

Nonetheless, I am very sorry for his kids - being a dad myself it kills me to hear of such things happening.
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The U.S. team had nothing to do with it. He was attempting to make the team again, not racing for the team. All you need is a FIS card to enter.
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