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3rd Bad Tune

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: Just brought skis down for a touch up and think this is the third time they did it wrong "ON 3RD STONE GRIND THIS SEASON"...atomic is a 1/3...1 base 3 side.I take my 2 DIFFERENT edge tools and get nothing at 1 thru 2.5 on base and some friction at 3 "again this is base not side..Just brought in last week and skied 4 days .I am pissed need a place that can do a friggin tune in poughkeepsie area.
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I wait till I can get my skis to The Pro ski shop in Hunter. I won't take a chance with Potter Brothers or their ilk.
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If just a touch up, why a base grind? Why not just give your boards some love yourself and save the heavy lifting for a pro when you really need it?
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I had the same problem with my Atomics. The only way I got a good tune was to do my own...and that took some study and practice. Hope you have better experience.
oh, just a thought but many of the atomics seem to want a concave base, whereas tuners want to flatten the base. That may be the beginning of the correct question.
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