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I had some time tonight to re read the entire posting and offerings by everyone. Firstly thank you so much, alot of great info and enlightenment.

Just to ensure those that were kind enough to offer them that some points were not missed by me.

I watched the second vid again in slow motion and I agree the palms out too much certainly cause the uphill shoulder to get turned uphill too much and cause the upper body to get torqued around. I will try more of a palm facing sidehill more now I have somewhat of the feeling.

I aslo agree that the clips where I take more verticle per turn look better and apear to be far more efficient use of energy. I think this may be partly because of the 8800's they have such a cool snap or sproing when pushed to the end of a turn and across the hill. feels damn cool when doing it in powder but I see now it wastes alot of energy and really doesn't look as good as just finishing the turn earlier and relaxing a bit in between (taking the vert)

It dawned on me late in the day at Castle Mountain that skis closer together and more even weight distrubution allowed much more fluent skiing and better balance in powder. I will try harder to get my feet closer and some better even weighting next powder outing.

Perhaps on a related note in slow motion I saw myself lifting my inside ski ever so slightly on most turns. For sure this is not done intentionally and can't be a good thing but perhaps the even weighting will aleviate this some.

Ghost: you mentioned that I ski differently when going faster. I think that is because I try to be quiet and smoother and take more vert with each turn when I go faster. Powder or rougher conditions I try to make the most of the hill and make as many turns as possible, plus I am usually not scared when going slower. A$$ pucker factor I am sure plays a part when going faster.

Again many thanks for the time taken to assist.