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Cell Phones, a question

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At the areas you frequent, does the ski company advertise a phone number that you can call if there is an accident to report? thanks
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so far I have seen none. Nor have I seen much use of "FRS" systems to report problems either. I think I've seen one resort (don't remember which one) that had signs up that said to "to report problems/emergencies/injuries use FRS 9-11"
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None that I've seen where I ski. Either they don't advertise it or they don't advertise it good enough to get across to me. About all I've seen is those red emergency phones.
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In Italy the numbers are the same as in the
118 Ambulance and firefighters
113 and 112, Police and Carabinieri

The dispatchers will ask your phone number, call you back to verify it's not a joke...And then send in the closest team
(doesn't matter wherther Police, Carabinieri
GdF or Mountain troops, all serving as
strech bearers, and with basic understanding
of first aid).
But it's not advertised, everyone knows those
3 numbers.
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