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What diamond stone do you recommend?

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I started tuning last year and have been using only the red medium 220 grit Beast diamond stone for polishing.

Lately I've been thinking it might be nice to have something coarser to smooth out the rougher spots and something finer for a sharper edge.

I've been eyeing the Moonstone stones but am unsure which way to go.

Do you think a 2 stone setup with coarse & medium would suffice or should I go for a 3 stone setup and add on the fine? My skiing is aggressive recreational but no racing.

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I recommend going with at least the 200, 400, 600 Moonstones in series. The whole idea behind sharpening/polishing is to use a progression of grits to get to a smooth polished edge (this is the same as with any sanding/polishing progression for projects).

I also routinely use a 100 Moonstone on my side edges if my skis need some serious sharpening - and I have a 1500 Moonstone, but rarely use it (only for the best skis and when I have the time).

So my recommendation is to at least go red (200), yellow (400), white (600). This will produce a smooth polished edge with no burrs. It will stay sharper longer too.
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From Diaface:
The DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® diamond files should be used lubricated, spraying on them a solution of 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol. In emergency, on the ski slope, the snow could be enough to keep them lubricated. The preparation of the edge should be made as follows:
· Create the edge with DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® 100 grit (black) using then the various grits in sequence for obtaining the mirror finishing (200-400-600-1500). Three or four passes of each grit, without exerting pressure, are enough to obtain a perfect result.
· If you wish to lap the edge use DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® 1500/3000 Resin.
· An adequate instrument is needed to keep the tool stable and perfectly flat (it is inadvisable the free hand use of the tool).
· DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® can be used for the preparation and finishing of the side edge as well as for the tuning.
· After use, clean the DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® file with the solution of water and alcohol using a small bronze brush.
The correct use of DIAFACE® MOONFLEX® allows the preparation of hundreds of perfect edges.
Note they of course recommend using the 100 grit for edge geometry as well as hitting the rough spots initially (after knocking down the case/work hardened spots with a stone first). I agree with Noodler's recommendation, but as with all tuning tools you can always add more. If it's about saving a few bucks and incrementally adding diamonds and other tools, you can try just adding the 400 grit first to your 220 and then the 600 if you want smoother.
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