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05/06 Voelkl AC3's

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First post here! Ive been reading these forums for a while now and its always impressive to hear how knowledgable you guys are and how much time you give to sharing your wisdom with other skiers...well done!

OK, Im an average height/weight upper intermediate skier. I live in Austria and spend anything from 1 - 3 months skiing most days every winter (the rest of the time is spent bustin my brains as a TEFL teacher to finance this, is aint one big party!) Pretty much unphased by any piste, quite an aggressive skier, and naturally im pretty keen to go off piste and see what all the fuss is about...

For a few years ive been looking at skis like the Rossignol B2, Voelkl 724/AC's and the Head Monsters. Do these sound like good skis for someone wanting to get to grips with the deep fluffy stuff? Anthing else I should add to the list of possible skis?

Theres a shop here which has some 05/06 AC3's for about 250 euros (330 dollars) which seems like quite a good deal to me...and thats pretty much the limit of my budget!

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Cheers guys
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I ski the volkl AX4 and the head monster im85. Both skiis are probably earlier models than what you would get. I believe the ac3 is very similiar build to the ax4 just a little less wide. AC4 would be similar model. If you ski aggressively you will love these skis. They drive through any crud but you have to stay on top of them.

I skiied st anton, zillertal, and gastein area on and off piste with these and loved them. The skiis performed excellent in these areas. Only a few times did I wish I had something wider to give me more float in the pow.

sounds like a good deal on the ac3.

If that deal does not work check out the Dynastar Legend 8000 as well.

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