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Timberline 12/24/06

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I'll be up w/the kids at Timberline, assuming we can even get parking.

I'll be spending most of the day w/my two kids, but I'll get away for at least a few runs...Hoping to hit Palmer w/all the new snow.

If you are going to be there, or thinking about it, maybe we can hookup for a few runs.
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It's about 6am and were on our way...I'll be in a red/black parka, gray pants, orange Tecnica boots, with goatee on either B3's, Zenith Z5's or Bandit X's dragging two kids around. The wife will be in a light blue/grey parka w/matching gloves. She has short burgundy hair and will be hanging out on bruno's (not skiing) watching the kids. Her name is Kami and mine you should be able to guess...If you see us, say hi.

Happy holidays.
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Just got back...Had a blast as usual even though the weather wasn't perfect (lots of clouds, wind and even some rain). No crowds and roads were decent. My wife talked to one of the instructors and was told that yesterday was completely full of people, so today was definitely the day to go during x-mas holiday.

I didn't run into any bears and even though I didn't get to ski alot w/out the kids, I still had one of the best days of the season so far just because my son is starting to link some parallel turns now.
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sorry to miss you, would have been nice to say hello but family demands required my day. hopefully in the future.

goatee on either B3's .. your skis have a goatee?
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