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Is this normal for edge work?

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I took my skis into the shop today to have them sharpen the edges. After I got them home again, I've noticed there are scratches down the base of the skis parallel to the edges. They're pretty deep and I can feel them easily.

Should I be ticked off?

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Are you sure that the bases were not structured with a linear structure pattern? If the scratches look more like machined groves equally spaced across the entire base of the ski in a ridge/ripple pattern, then your skis received a structure from the stone grind (linear). If they are "grooves" it may be that the shop has a bad stone and used it on your skis. It is rare that any edge work is done without abse work as well... and I don't think that an edge machine will effect the base unless it is set up VERY poorly.
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They definitely didn't do a base grind, and I think they may have done the edges with hand tools.

I took a picture, you can see the two lines right next to each other down the base.
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their file guide had a burr on it and when doing the sidge the process of them dragging the tool down the base scratched it...
or the guide they were using had a stuck wheel and did the same ting as above, pretty shoddy, but shouldn't effect you once you wax and brush....
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