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Holiday Sound-Off

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Happy Holidays to all the Bears

May you all have fair weather and plenty of precipitation. I'll be spending Christmas in Minneapolis.
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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays backatcha...

I'll be on the keyboard working a UPS snafu regarding 2 important xmas gifts for my girls that as of this writing still not delivered to my Denver location...of all times and things to happen...too much snow!
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Swimming in sweat with the windows open in Massachusetts. Buuummmmmeeerrr.
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I'm with ya bonni. Hard to get excited about Christmas when there's no snow. Feels like October, except in October gave us one really good dump of snow.

At any rate:
Christmas is a great time of year to remind ourselves how fortunate we really are. I am, and want to wish everyone a great holiday with friends and family.
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Went up to the mountain yesterday. Regular group cancelled. Did pick up a private which was nice as it covered my gas. Of course I was skiing in the rain. Then I went out with some other staff and worked on one-footed stuff for an hour or so. Then took off and went home. Got home and it was 57F; kids across the street playing ball in shorts and T-shirts. Pretty weird for a day before Xmas eve.
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At least your mountain is open! Glad for you!

Enjoy the holidays, everyone!
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone here! Hopefully the New Year will bring in lots and lots of new snow.
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Happy Holidays to all.

I'm nursing a sore knee after endowing on my Tele skis in the BC. Smacked both knees on the deck of the skis. Besides the bruised knee caps, one knee seems to have a deeper pain and swelling inside. Think I'm gonna take the next few days off. Oh well, at least the snow here is good. Maybe we can send some unused flakes and an extra -20 degrees to you folks on the EC.

Oh yeah, Utes won!

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Happy Holidays to all and to all a snowy New Year.
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Chin's up guys --we have LOTS to b thankful for --it'll snow --EVENTUALLY :
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Felicidades to you!
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Merry Christmas fro So. Lake Tahoe.
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