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New Giro Omen helmet

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My new Omen just came in..... I'm surprisingly impressed. It's the first helmet with an adjustable fit that snugs everywhere. The range goes from too big to too small with a turn of a wheel while on the head. It' easy to get just right. I've always been a between sizes fit with helmets, having to pad down (which packs out).

It also has 2 vent switches to open front, back, or both with 14 vents and no plugs to lose. It comes in the audio design too (or add on later). Expensive but may be a wise purchase if you have fit issues.
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fit ?

Hey thanks for the review on the Omen, hadnt really heard much about them yet. Any idea how they fit in comparison to the fuse or the g10? I currently have a fuse that I am not liking the fit on, as it sits too high on my head, and have tried the g10 and like it alot better.
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I don't know how they compare. You may want to send an email directly to Giro and as them.
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I just bought an Omen, and coming off a Giro 9. I was between sizes with the 9 so it was a little snug and say REALLY high on my head. This sits lower, fits better (because its adjustable), and the switch venting is beaut. Also, i had a big problem with ear warmth with the 9. The ear covers are very thing and don't snug down well to your ears (I don't wear a headsock). The Omen has thicker ear covers and the fit snugger to the ear.
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