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1/3/07 - Chestnut Mtn

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First time for the new year - anybody game for a wed uncrowded ski session? I think we are going to have a power outage here that day, leaving me totally out of communication for long enough to bruise major body parts

Funny how that happened (innocent look)
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you got snow?
pretty bleak up here, though Crystal has 13 of its 45 runs open.
Have fun Robo!
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It was actually pretty good today(23rd) compared to what it has been, they made snow the night before and I know they're making it tonight as well. Plus we might get a dusting on Christmas day. I know I'll be out there again on the 26th.
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My goggles are coming the 3rd.. I may go on the 4th just to try them out (likely story)

If anybody wants to meet up.. give me a day - I'm flexible. (Robo needs sanity vacation)
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