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Pete Gets Lucky

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So my wife wants a new set of skis. She wants something that can handle ungroomed snow and do well on the groomers. She likes my Metron 9s, based on what I told her the ski can do and her observations of my skiing on them.

But.............she hates the demo process. : So I did my homework and came up with a short list. The Atomic Balanze B11, Rossi B2w and the Solomon Siam 8.

She is a level 7-8 skier, 54 and weighs 140ish and is 5'4". She also has a recovering knee (ski accident). After talking with a knowledgeable shop manager we settled on the Siam 8 in a 153, based on the its Metron like shape and a softer flex than the B11. My wife likes short radius turns. That was in November.

So today we went skiing. My wife's morning runs were done on her old skis ('04 K2 T-nine Spires in a 160). Then at noon she switched to the Siam. We went down a groomed black. She said "wow that was easy". Then we went to another run. After that run she said, "I just flew down that run. It was like I skied faster and with less effort". She found that the Siams made her feel more confident and more in control than the K2s ever did. Now mind you she loved the K2s, but no more.

She is thrilled with the Siam 8s. Faster, easier and better graphics!. I doubt if the K2s will be used for anything this season.

The wife is happy.

Pete is happy.

Pete got lucky. (In picking skis, that is. )
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My wife has the Siam 8 in a 161cm, she also loves this ski in variable snow conditions. From what she has said it handles very well and is fairly easy to ski. Anyway, nice job picking the skis! When your wife is happy you are happy!
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