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What is Peak n Peak thinking?

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I was looking where to possibly go to ski this weekend. The options close to me are Holiday Valley, 7 Springs, and Peak n Peak. A look at the web cams show equally nasty condtions at all 3 - mushy runs with large patches of brown.

Springs and Holiday valley have special rate going..7 springs for $28.

Peak n Peak has a tiny section of brown mushy run open and they are charging the regular season price of $48. I called the place to see if this was just a typo and perhaps they are advertising the special pre-season rate of $25. The ski line told me no..they are on the regular season schedule and charging holiday rates. I was like what the heck? Do they really think people will pay top dollar to ski on a few brown mushy slopes? The lady starting telling me about a new multimillion dollar snowmaking system they just purchased. What does that have to do with the fact that the temps are in the 40's and the hill coverage looks terrible?

Do they really think people will arrive out in droves to spend $48 to ski on a few brown mushy slopes?
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I enjoyed skiing at 7-Springs today on a very edgable corn-snow. There were some sloppy spots, but coverage was more than adequate, and the consequences of a grass ollie were nothing like in the west.

Anyway, I'll be posting a trip report. My advise, get out first, think about it later. This Christmas season can give you some kind of cabin fever if you don't feed the need.
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echoing what CR said.

sadly, "cabin fever" has already claimed me (doesn't help that I'm sick, either).

if the obstacles out east are nothing but grass, be thankful that you're not dodging the rocks, boulders, logs, and shrubs that some of the Cali resorts have hiding under the minimal fresh snow!

enjoy the holiday break, wherever you're riding!
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