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I broke my Marker brakes!

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There is an arm that is spring loaded and held into the heel pad with a pin; that arm some how released from the heel pad and is bent almost 90 deg to the side. It appears that the plate holding it into the heel pad is held on by a screw.
Can anyone shed some information on the difficulty of removing the cover, bending the arm back into place and replacing the cover?
Is this something that I should not do? Just replace the binding?
Thanks for the feedback.
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Further investigation reveals a screw that holds on the brake unit. I used channel locks to straighten the bar, and aligned by eye to reinsert into the foot pad. All back together now.
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I had almost the same thing happen. Called MarkerUSA (number on website). They sent out a replacement brake four days later, no questions asked.

Very good service.

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