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Too much snow to ski...

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Thread Starter sob story about the cancellation of my one ski trip(minus a day on the ribbon of death at thanksgiving) is below.

Me and my buddy were supposed to make it to Colorado to ski from the 20-24th, but the storm just killed our plans... We made it as far as Dallas, where we explored several options(all of which failed in the end). We tried flying to Colorado springs, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Kansas City, Cheyenne, Laramie, Omaha, Amarillo, Jackson Hole, and Santa Fe to no avail. Every other flight was either full or cancelled.

At that point, I started calling Army and Air Force bases around
Dallas to find any military flights that might be available, but none
were. My roommate checked into Greyhound which looked promising, but
even they cancelled their buses. Our last idea was to rent an SUV for
$840 and make the 12+ hour drive ourselves, but since both interstate
highways into Colorado were closed, it wasn't really an option.
Finally, we gave in and decided to just head to Boston earlier than we
had planned. After spending literally 90 minutes in front of a ticket
counter(actually in front of the counter, not in line) we were put
onto a flight(which itself was delayed 3 hours) and arrived at Boston
at 2:30am.

And there's no snow here
At least I can spend Christmas with my family, however, its looking like quite a few people won't.
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Quite ironic isn't it... sorry for your pain bud
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that sucks.

im hoping that we actually get snow in jackson so when im theyre i can ski pow.
this season is getting weird

on a lighter note

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This is the single most saddest story I've ever heard. I wish you every good thing. If you can get to Killington, there's great snow there according to Highway Star.

The ski industy is sure hurting this holiday: either too much snow and you can't get to them, or there's no snow.

Our little hill is still closed. It was supposed to open Friday but didn't, and is still closed today. We volunteered to work ski patrol Christmas Day if they're open. It's a good bet they won't be.
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man - I feel for you. The levels of irony or maybe just suckiness are beyond words.

I hope you can figure something ... maybe trade off some future time to get to that pow or something .... Merry Christmas to you though - you're here in one piece with your family! My wife's got a few cousins over there right now ....
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>At least I can spend Christmas with my family

I'm in the exact opposite situation - couldn't fly to Texas to visit family. I'm stuck here in Bozeman. At least I'm getting in a few turns at Bridger Bowl.
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Thread Starter 
I honestly wouldn't have been too upset if I got stuck IN denver and was forced to ski for 2 weeks...
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I hate these sort of stories.
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how about CO in jan 04. something like 20 feet. they had to dig out the lift houses.
stinks when theres too much of a good thing
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Ha-ha - You had to spend time in Dallas!
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
I hate these sort of stories.
What he said.

Nothing should stand in the way of a man (or woman) getting his powder fix.
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How much snow did he Colorado area get anyway i haven't been keeping up to date. Any pictures people have would be great.
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