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airline costs

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Just to keep your ski travel costs in perspective over the winter, the off season, fare on TWA in 1950, for flights over the pond were:

$531.20 round trip NY to Zurich

$466.70 round trip NY to London

eastbound off season was September 1 to March 31

westboud off season was December 1 to June 30

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But, that was in an era when international air travel was all luxury, all the time. All seats were first class, and passengers were attended to and served food and drink as if they were in a five star restaurant.

As opposed to today, where you feel like you're in a Soviet-ear bread line getting to and from the plane, and in-flight the airlines have to squeeze more people into less space just to survive the economic realities of modern times.
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Remember too,
thats only if you fly commercial! :

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Just a tidbit I ran across a few days ago.
Estimates fares based on history.
Very good stuff.


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flights are expensive....All my flights are 100-200 more than they were last year...
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