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Karma's as Bump Skis?

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Hey mates, Im most likely going to buy Volkl Karma's after demoing them and falling in love. But what I didnt get to test was how they ski in the bumps. I love to ski the bumps and the steeps and am wondering how they preform. Any information would be great.
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I love the Karmas, but find them a bit clumsy underfoot in bumps because of the width. Same as any wide ski really. Now keep in mind that plenty of people rip bumps in wide skis, so this may not be an issue for everyone (or you). Myself, I find 75-80mm waist mid-fat skis eminently more graceful in bumps than 87mm+ waist skis like the Karmas.
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Totally depends on your abilities in the bumps. What style bump skier are you? Karmas could definitely rip for some zipperline stuff, but if you're expecting them to be able to absorb some of the terrain for you then forget it. All the absorption and extension (A&E) is pretty much going to have to come from your legs and not the skis. Karmas are fairly stiff through a fairly large section underfoot. They're not going to "hug" the contours of the slope for you - unless you're a very heavy skier.
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Thanks, as of now, I ski on pretty skinny skis and find it pretty easy in the bumps. I am more of a finesse skier in the bumps, gripping each bump. But from what you guys say, these skis are more manageable as fast rippers which i can adjust to. I just dont want to look too stupid... Thanks
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Karma Ski's

Just got done skiing my new Mantras. I will say that the skis work best in soft new fresh bumps. I think however that with limited experience they will be difficult in spring hard bumps.
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