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warren miller's movies

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Me and my friend went Warren Miller's Storm...It was awesome [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I was wandering what are your favorite Warren Miller or any other ski video's?
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I saw Storm last weekend, and I have to say it was nearly perfect. The best Warren Miller movie I have seen (Though I havent seen many). The only part I didnt like was the chick scene with the crappy music. Oh well, the rest was awesome. Try this movie: Solid Powder. It is free for download at solidpowder.com. It is only 12 minutes, but is very good.
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yea that chick seen did kinda suck...But it was more than made up for
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caught W.M. Freeriders last night on cable. Brought back some kick ass memories of watching it in the Flynn Theater in Burlington VT. then getting loaded with Nobis and Moles afterward. Good Times...

Ski Fast, Take Chances

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I'm Sorry but to me Warren Miller movies are not that good.
If you want good ski film watch the films by Matchstick Productions (www.skimovie.com) "Immersion", "The Seth Morrison Chronicles" & "The Front Line", Teton Gravity Research (www.tetongravity.com) "The Prophecy" & "Salad Days", Poor Boyz Productions (www.poorboyz.com) "Happy Dayz" & "Stereotype"
After watching Warren Miller "Ride" I was so disappointed with his past few films that I'll never go back. I do have respect for what he started, but it has lost it's luster.

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Check out "There's Something about McKonkey" ...
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I still love Warren Miller's work above all others. There is no doubt New School is here to stay and big mountain ski films can make anyone (even a non-skiier) hold their breath as the stars take insane cliff drops, but these films focus too much on that aspect of skiing, while Warren Miller's work is a thing that embraces all attitudes of skiing, and somedays, I simply have a different attitude towards my skiing than others.

I will always live by the words," If you dont (insert difficult ot acheive ski/lifestyle decision here) this year, you'll be one year older when you do"

BTW, I cant wait to see Storm, I have to wait until thanksgiving weekend here to see it
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I always like Warren. Maybe it's because I'm such an old f@rt. I remember when Brant Moles used to be a junior racer at Wilmot Mt WI. Jeremy Nobis learned to ski at Devil's Head WI too.
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For me, it is Warren Miller's narration and dry humor. There is just something about the soothing tone of his voice. I still like loud music but I love to listen to Warren talk!!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'll second that Ty. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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"You want your skis? Go get em".


While you all are griping about how you don't get into Warren's films, be lucky you have access. They don't play them here. At all. I have to wait until it comes out in a rental store, usually when the season is over. Bummmmmmmer.
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Ah yes, a topic that has come up many times before. The best ski movies of all time in no particular order (well, ok, maybe the first one):

Fistful of Moguls
Dr. Strange Glove
Global Storming
Hot Dog The Movie (ok, not a true ski movie, but a classic)
The Realm
Mind the Addiction

I know I'm leaving out some of the great oldies. The rest of you can fill them in.

Notice, no Miller flicks on the list, well I could have included Freeriders, but too late now.
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yea his voice is awesome [img]redface.gif[/img] its relaxing yet still exciteing at times
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The classic Warren Miller would have to be "Ski Time", with it's insane Scot Schmidt at Squaw sequence. Of course, he has never come close to a Stump's "Blizzard", but who has?Barrymore's "Performers" from '71 is pretty sweet though.
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hmmmm. my fav is P-tex, Lies and Duct tape
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7 Mary
I'd put "Something about McConkey" on that list.
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Immersion is probably one of the best ski movies ever.

I wasn't all that impressed with the latest Warren Miller film, though the soundtrack was pretty good. Although I don't think even the best Warren Miller movies compare to most MSP and TGR movies.
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Cheese and rice, how could I leave my most favorite movie of all time skiing or otherwise off the list! Of course There's Something About McConkey should have been on the list, as well as Immersion. Watching those two movies has become such a part of my daily routine that I kind of take them for granted adn forget about them.
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Alta girl,
You are right on the mark for Warren's film just can't compare to TGR, MSP, or PBP films. Warren Miller is just too played out.
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are there any warren miller films out on dvd yet? i haven't looked lately but last time i checked they were tape only...thanks.
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There are several films on DVD. I have last years movie on DVD. I was at this years movie and they gave away a copy on DVD to a winner at the showing.

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Don't worry bonni I feel your pain. Wausau, Wisconsin has a ski hill in the town and they don't play any flix either. Most people here don't even care about skiing. They have a ski hill in there back yard, and when you ask them whether or not they ski they reply with, "Well I've gone a couple of times." It's hard, to go from living in a ski town in Idaho to living here. Escept for the occasional snow lover, people here just don't care, they think that all there is to life is getting layed and getting drunk. What they don't realize is that it would be much more fun if it were incorperated with skiing. It's the price we pay for living in the midwest.
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Man, a fellow sufferer! I learned to ski at Schweitzer!!! An epic resort that many haven't found yet. (all right!)

People seem to be that way in the Midwest. Skiing sucks, everyone HATES winter and moans for months, and when it snows, there is no joy.

It's hard to keep your head above the gloom with these attitudes surrounding you.

What is your "home hill" now?
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The secret is to move west! Where life is good and we appreciate a good cold winter! The west is the best! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Warren Miller movies are terrible!!! And this one is no better than the litany that has gone before.

Oh, haven't seen the old clip of punters trying to walk up ice before. Ooh, that was funny. I am just surprised we didn't get the old clips of people falling off chairlifts again.

And did he not have enough footage of riding to need to repeat clips?

What about that ridiculous bit about the Marines?! Absurdly out of place in a ski movie. How can he connect a dubious military action (make that anything military at all) with our beautiful sport?

And was this movie partly a marketing spiel for ski resorts?

Standard Miller fare.
Bloody awful.
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When did you ski at Schwietzer? I was a lift operator there for the last two years. I can't imagine a better resort. It's small enough that not a lot of people know about it. When I worked there, I could still find powder that hadn't been hit, five days after it snowed. I can't wait to live there again. I'm in college now and can't be in the western states. My current mountain is what was previously called Rib Mountain and is now called Granite Peak ski resort. I'm a Ski Patroler there. It's not much, but it keeps me on the snow. I grew up at Rib Mountian, but call Schweitzer my home.
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Got any snow at Granite Peak yet?
I'm going to miss that USSA race.
Been up to Brule yet this season?
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I can't believe anyone could say WM's Storm was near perfect. It wasn't close. It was an ok film. But really, the skiing just wasn't that great or progressive. Seeing Morrison and COombs skiing in Alaska was sweet- but they had crap conditions. Otherwise the talent was good, it just wasn't showcased well. The camera shots are all great, but what was in the film was not. As cool as the marines are, how many shots of helicopters can you have? Anyway, I think TGR, MSP films are much better, but not even that, I don't think Storm even nearly lived up to WM's film last year, "COld Fusion". I give him props for that film. In any case I loved Storm because it was about skiing, but was not impressed. The film is not progressive, and as great as you all may like his voice wouldn't some narration by the skiers be nice?

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Haven't been to brule, but i did hear that it was open. We got about 5 inches a week or so ago and about an inch yesterday, but to no avail it's all melted. The season is on it's way though my friend, it's only a matter of time.
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Originally posted by TheRockSkier:

What about that ridiculous bit about the Marines?! Absurdly out of place in a ski movie. How can he connect a dubious military action (make that anything military at all) with our beautiful sport? :

I didn't see the film, so I don’t have any idea what the marine scene was about, but in the USA skiing owes almost its entire existence to the men of the 10th Mountain Division. That said, for us on this side of the pond, the military connection is, or should be clear. For you, perhaps it is less so. But don't crap on our heritage. WM, after all is not European or British, he is American. Oh, and don't forget that the 10th mountain division was not spending the '40's in Europe on holiday. They were saving your ancestors collective butts.

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