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SKI.COM issue

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My family was supposed to take a trip to telluride over break. This had been a long standing plan, going back to last summer. The plan was to leave tonight, from Baltimore, for the airport in DC around 2 AM, catch a flight to Atlanta, and then out to Montrose Airport in CO, renting a car, and driving to Telluride. This was all scheduled through SKI.COM.

Today my Dad decides that he's been traveling too long not to check with the airline (Delta). Evidently, they don't have reservations on any existing flights for my parents, and only a reservation for my sister and I to get to Atlanta. 4 hours of frantic phone calls pass, and we learn that SKI.COM requested a reservation, was approved by Delta, but then forgot to confirm the reservation. Needless to say my family and i are stuck in Baltimore (where its raining and 55 degrees), with no tree, and no presents as they werent part of the plan.

I just wanted to know if anyone had had the same occurrence with SKI.COM, or is this just a glitch?
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This is why nobody uses travel agents or consolidators or packagers any more - too many hands in the reservation and you the customer are too far away from the actual provider of travel. Don't know specifically about SKI.com (other than their obnoxious TV ads a few years ago with the "wife" character going on and on about "Shopping" as a reason for a ski vacation), but basically follow the X-Files advice when booking travel: "Trust No One".

Doesn't help you now, but the next time you do a booking for a package deal, immediately get the airline's confirmation number "Locator Number" for your tickets from the travel agent. Then call up the airline or go to their website and immediately check your reservation there. If it doesn't show as a ticketed reservation, get your agent/packager on the phone right away. Don't trust them to get it right.

As to immediate help: If you paid for this with a credit card, contact your credit card issuer right away telling them that you paid for this travel which was never provided. Even if you already paid the bill, you can still dispute the charge and have the card company issue a chargeback.

sidenote: this is why any of the American Express cards of any flavor are worth the fees and slightly less acceptance, if you travel. Amex will always, and immediately, take the customer's side, and they have so much clout with travel providers that they can often get it straighted out. Some Mastercard or Visa issuing banks have similar clout, but it varies from bank to bank as to how far they'll go for a customer.

I'm still a bit confused. Did you just have a "reservation" or did you have "tickets". They're not the same thing. Even though 99.999% of all tickets are "e-tickets" nowadays, not physical pieces of valueable paper, reservations still need to be ticketed. Usually on most discount fares, either immediately or within 24 hours after the reservation is made. Sounds like Ski.com didn't ticket your parents reservations at all. Who knows what they did to you and your sister's reservation to drop the ATL-Telluride legs.

If Ski.com did not ticket your reservations (but you paid for the tickets as part of the package), they need to buy you tickets at no additional cost to you, even if they have to pay hundreds or thousands more for last-minute full-fare tickets.

Whether they WILL do that or not shows what kind of a company they are. And at this point, considering how messed-up any air travel through Colorado is right now from the DIA closure (which messed up a lot even if not connecting through Denver) it's a question whether or not anybody even CAN buy a ticket now. On Delta, you would have been connecting through Salt Lake City and SLC-MTJ (Salt Lake to Montrose) looks like its totally sold out for Saturday and Sunday. United from Denver to Montrose would equally be a mess.

But you should contact Ski.com with this as your demand - they make right their mistake and get you out to Telluride in time for the bulk of your vacation. If they can't do this, you need to dispute the entire charge.

If you didn't charge it, but paid cash/check, #1) Never do that again no matter who you purchase from, and #2) you may need to sue them to get your money back.

But try to have them get you out there. Also make sure they confirm with your Hotel/lodge that you WILL be arriving so that they don't cancel your rooms.
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personally, my brother and I have booked trip details through ski.com a few times and never had a problem what-so-ever. I would contact them and see if they'll "make it right", they always seemed like they were a very honorable company to me in the past.
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they said they will do whatever they can to get us out west; they were very apologetic. There's no way to get to telluride because of flight scheduling, but we'll see what else is possiblse. if nothing else well try to drive up to killington and find a place to stay for a week or so
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go to whistler. the pnw is off the hook.
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i wish...
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