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Sunshine has had a very consistent dumping of about 10cms every day for the last week and a half other than a few days going without in between.

The lower runs and the tree lined runs off Wawa and Standish are in excellent condition with fresh powder to loose pack depending on where you head.

The unfortunate part is that the storms that have been creating havoc in the Vancouver area are impacting the higher elevations with high winds that have resulted in substantial blow off......down to the base in many areas.

For everyone heading up for Xmas it is recommended that you stay in Wawa bowls and Standish bowls and possibly head down to Wolverine for the best conditions.

One last run to evaluate Goats Eye resulted in zero visibility and a face gaitor that instantly turned to ice from the high winds.
Lower portions are in good condition but the crude you have to go over to get there makes it a tough decision unless you have a good set of rock skis with you or rentals/demos

Here is a a local boarder Tyler catching air on Standish.