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Saw this in the current issue of Skiing. Also on the net.
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That looks like he wont make it? look at the snow off the jump~trajectory. Perhaps they should show another picture of the landing?...shudders, if that didnt go perfectly he'd be wishing for Noodler's break :S
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seems shady to me
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Looks like he will probably make it over the highway, but probably not over those rocks, (i think that's what they are) on the other side. This could be quite painful.
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doubt those are rocks, but I bet they're chunks of pack snow from plowing and then pushing the banks downhill. Either way, doesn't look like the most comfortable of landings. However, the angle could also be very deceptive making us all think he/she might be coming up a bit short.
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Nope the angle doesn't look good.
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Kinda looks like a graduate project from the "Wil E. Coyote School of Kicker Design and Hucker Aeronautics" (AKA WECSKDHA)

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This might be a still from a video I seen a few months back. Although I am not 100% sure this is from that video. The guy in the video doesn't make it, he clears the road buck clips the packed snow/ice stacked on the guard rail and eats it.
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What the.........?? :
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Is that little plume of white off the jump the snow from the take off or clouds? If it's the snow, the trajectory is all wrong. If it's clouds... Well, some pain is imminent.
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He looks OK. Trace your finger along the snow and hit the jump - he's about on course.

The white must be clouds, not snow. First, you wouldn't have that much snow coming off a jump, and second, the trajectory is wrong, and third, the snow would be with the skier not a half second or more behind him.
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Is this Highway Star, and how he got his moniker?
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Does not make it.

You see this spot going up Loveland Pass.
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Best I can tell its the Resl Deal...
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Wasn't there a vid of a guy who tried this and hit the truck a few years ago?
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Is it just me or did this guy forget something ? Don't see any skis........
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Originally Posted by skeezer View Post
Is it just me or did this guy forget something ? Don't see any skis........
LOL. His skis are there. They're visible (barely) in the original photo published in Skiing magazine.
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I assume this is his father
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I think it's fixed. I have seen ideo of things like this where the skier made it..and sometimes didn't.

The trajectory seems a bit low unless he really left the jump at a low rate of speed.

The skier also looks pretty large vs the size of the truck.

The skier's shadow appears to touch the shadow of the truck. If that is ineed the skiers shadow there isn't any way the shadow from the truck and skier could touch each other.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie View Post
I have seen ideo of things like this ....
Honey, did you mean....Video???
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yes dear
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