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Adjust bindings for new boots?

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I just bought some new boots (Same size, different brand) Do I need to have my ski shop make any adjustments to my bindings for the new boots? They seem to fit.
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It depends... Different brands may have slightly different shell sizes even though they are the same size. Most boots have their sole length printed near the heel of the boot. If they are the same, then you should be fine, but if they are different you may need to adjust the forward pressure of your bindings.
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I'm no expert on this, but I learned the folllowing on here: 1-The values printed on the side of the boot might not match the actual length of the sole, so even if values printed on the old and new boots match, that doesn't mean the sole lengths are the same (Noodler has several posts on this subject). 2-Even if the sole lengths are the same (based on measuring), you should still have the bindings checked, at the very least, forward pressure needs to be checked and possibly adjusted.
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