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Blizzard X-cross 168cm

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FS: Blizzard X-cross from 2005, bought them at the end of the season(spring 05) for a good deal and already had a set. Kept these for good days and thus have been used a total of 2 or 3 days and partial days at that(I only remember using them twice, both half days as I was swapping skis around). 168cm 112/67/100 as I recall with a 15 meter turn radius. These rip but I have far too many skis and need to sell a set to fund a set of Blowers. Mounted on the elastomer plate for a Tyrolia D8 freeflex for a 305mm boot sole that have about 5 days on them. No edge damage or topsheet damage except for a 1/4" scratch on one topsheet, $165 plus shipping (bindings not included in price but negotiable). I noticed one of the plastic tip deflectors is more 'smoke' colored than the other as seen in the pictures. Never noticed it before, but trust me these are in better condition than alot of skis sitting on the showroom floor once they have the plastic off. They came to me with the plastic on and were kept for special days but with the great snow in the NW last year fat skis saw alot more usage. Bases left with a thick storage wax from last spring. Paypal etc....accepted.

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how much would it be to include the bindings?
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Hmmm....I think the bindings are worth $75???
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I have a few questions:

1) Are the skis still available?
2) Is the plate universal? I am hoping to mount up for tele
3) OK, only a couple of questions, not a few...

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Yep, no takers,

Plate is flat with a free flex function (outer mounts on the elastomer plates are slotted).

You can kind of see the plate in this review: http://www.snowrental.net/skiing/ski...d-x-cross.html
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Thanks, I am 155-160lbs, so 168cm should be right on. I am looking for a tele ski to get close to the characteristics of my alpine Nordica Speedmachine 14 (05) - lots of edge grip for New England packed powder (the shiny stuff you can see your reflection in), good stability at speed, nice rebound out of the turns and enough quickness to make quick tight turns when I want to.

Finally, where would you be shipping from?
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Idaho 83201, Just shipped some 188 fat skis with bindings and insurance for $31 and change via USPS. These should be slightly cheaper flat. Guessing $25.
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Sorry this is taking long. I will get back to you by the end of the weekend. I just got some new tele bindings and the x-crosses should be a good match. I just need to get clearance from tower after my re-entry into bicycle racing this year....$$$.
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Vv M
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If you still have them, I would like the skis (only). Paypal works for me; let me know how you want to proceed.

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I need a zip for shipping calculations. Sent a PM with paypal and e-mail address.
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I wish I could just edit the post saying their sold but apparantly I don't have the functionality on this site, soo.....to the top. Sold and shipped
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