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Need AT gear and advice

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Here's my deal: I used to ski a ton, but now only about two weeks a year, with one week spent skiing with family that lives in Telluride both on and off the mountain, and another week skiing local places in Upstate New York and Vermont.

I've been skiing on Rossi 7XKs and a pair of what were good Nordica boots, both of which were bought in 1990.

For the past couple of years, when I go to Telluride I bring my boots, rent skis for the mountain, and borrow skis with AT bindings from my brother for the backcountry excursions.

I just booked my Telluride tickets for this year's trip. This time, it is going to be a hut trip and therefore almost all backcountry. My desire to do everything I can keep up with my high-altitude brother and his pals, plus just a feeling that it is time, has lead me to want to upgrade my gear.

I do have a few things at home that may or may not help me in this regard. I have a pair of used Fritschi AT bindings that are a few years old. They are in fairly good shape, but are missing a few screws. I figure I'll try to make use of them unless I end up buying a used pair of skis that already has better AT bindings on them. I also have a fairly beat-up pair of Rossi Bandits (I think the B1s) that I got at a garage sale over the summer. They've previously been mounted with tele bindings.

So my questions/needs are:

Skis and skins -- Are the Bandits worth using? If not, does anyone have anything for sale that would make a good AT ski for me? I would classify myself as a "competent skier," who gets down almost anything but who is clearly not as good a skier as my brother and friends who have really made their lives about skiing. I'd use the AT skis mostly in and around Telluride or on other rocky mountain trips, although I am tempted to try some backcountry in the ADK and Vermont as well. I'm 35, weigh about 180 pounds, and am about 6 foot 1.

Boots -- I need new boots and am considering getting something like the Garmont Endorphins that I can use both in the backcountry and on lift-access. (I am on a budget, can't afford two new pairs of boots). I am under the impression that buying used boots doesn't make much sense because they may have formed to another person's foot. I am also under the impression that if I am going to go for a combo AT/alpine boot, I'll need to go with something that came out in the past year or two. Any thoughts on this? Anybody with some "lightly" used boots that may save me some money? I wear a size 11 shoe, have a narrow heal and wider toe spread. The Nordicas have always fit me well.

Helmet -- I always borrow a beeper and shovel from my bro, but have never worn a helmet, which he and his friends all do. I think it is time I joined them. Should a helmet also be bought new? If so, any suggested good-value brands? If not, anyone got a used one they are looking to get ride of?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the rambling note. I just wanted to lay it out there. I hope no one minds if I post this to the general discussion board as well.

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You forgot beacon, probe, shovel, avalung, ice axe, etc. Oh yeah, don't forget water and lunch, because in back country, there is no cafeteria waiting for you at the end of a run. But first, take an avalanche course before you head into back country. It might just save your life and those of your skiing partners.
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Looking for advice Larry, not attitude.

And I did mention a beacon and a shovel, so read a bit closer.

When I go into the backcountry, I always go with very experienced and capable people and they equip me well. What I want to do now is build up a gear and knowledge base of my own, so I turned to the forum.

I've decided to get new boots and use the Fritschi bindings that I have. So what I am looking for is pair of used AT skis. Again, I'm 6-1 about 180 pounds. Would be skiing them off-piste mostly in Telluride area but perhaps also a bit back East.
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Take a look here for a great deal on some Atomics that are probably as cheap as you can find used:

These got a great review in Couloir Magazine, and they are dirt cheap. They will work well as AT skis.

And I am a big believer in helmets- the evidence in the medical literature is very persuasive. Fit is critical, so that is more important than anything else, so you need to try them on.
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That's seems like a tremendous deal for never used skis. No issues sking a tele ski with your heel locked down?
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gmunno the tele ski version usually is either the same as the alpine version with different graphics or sometimes is the alpine version with a bit softer shovel area. either way theres no problem using a tele ski with AT bindings and a fixed heel turn mode. the number of tele labelled skis that are truly usable only for tele gear is very very small. its even arguable that the label is bogus.
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Buy helmets new. You never know if someone's fallen and damaged them in a way you can't see.

AT boots with rubber soles will not release properly from alpine bindings, even if you can cram them into something like a Salomon with an adjustable toe height. Someone at TGR did a release test in their shop and the results were grim. Stick with alpines unless you tour enough to get a second pair of boots...Fritschis cope with either.

Skins: stick with Ascension (either purple or STS) or G3.

Beacon: get a digital beacon. Crusty old people will tell you to get an F1, but even they are faster with a Tracker, Barryvox, Pieps DSP, etc. The Ortovox digitals are fiddly and weird.

"tele" skis aren't any different. It's purely a marketing thing, and maybe an extra layer of glass over the toe so the tele bindings don't rip out as easily. Fine for alpine.

I have some XL Diamirs for sale if yours are too old or beat to function properly.
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BD has always been good with respect to customer service, drop them some email if you need screws...etc.
Lots of people do the alpine ski, AT binding, whatever boot-thing if they're descending by way of 2-foot/parallel...and not a long Western touring-style ascent...unlike our horizontally shorter, highly vertical ascents here in NewEngland(when there's snowcover!). Lots of AT skis can be skied in parallel as well, as probably can a few tele skis. Garmont's Adrenalin has limited volume...something maybe they changed in the Endorphin.

$.01..not etched in stone..
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