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sticks and stones

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They may not break my bones, but today at Jimminy Peak I had to quit. It just was no fun having to pick my way through the mine field of small stones that littered the surface of the man made snow.

I'd like to introduce myself as I registered as a member today after lurking for a few days. I returned to skiing last year after a twenty year lay-off. My 205 cm Rossy 4s's were still in good shape and I used them all of last winter, suffering the frequent comments "still using the old straight skis, eh!".

So, this year, though I swore I wouldn't do it, I broke down and purchased a pair of Atomic Izor 9:7's, 168cm. OK, I admit it; they were right; I was wrong. The new skis are fun, fun, fun.

I hope to get some video to upload for critique soon. Later!
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Welcome to our community! This has been one dismal winter in the north-east! Hopefully you didn't damange your Izor's on the rocks.

Think snow!
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Nothing like the scrape of stone on plastic and metal ......

Like a fingernail on a blackboard .... :
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welcome. Sorry to hear about Jiminy today. I had planned to be there but realized I needed to be more giving at the office. What a season. I've been to Jiminy two times so far - not good. Maybe Sunday if it stops r*ining.

Have I met you at Jiminy yet?
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Welcome ftgrfr

As Kevin said, it's been rotten in the east so far I was going to make a few turns at roundtop on Xmas day while visiting relatives but there's no snow of any kind

It's got to get better soon!
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ftg : welcome and like thenothers have said hope u didn't mess up your new toys. We're all pretty bummed about the condirtions around the NorthEast. Stay positive things just gotta get better
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...and you can hit rocks anywhere...

Welcome! Glad you found us and signed in. You'll love your new skis, and it'll be fun to see the video. A number of our members ski Jimminy, so drop a message into the Meet on the Hill forum and meet up with some of them...
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Thanks for the welcome

Nice to know there are folks here who ski Jimminy, Paul. Since I always ski alone, and it gets old, it would be good to take a few runs together.

Bill Wilson (ftgrfr)
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PM me if you are heading over, Bill W. There are a bunch of us who ski together and we have a good time.
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