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For Sale- Men's Ski Socks (LG)

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Blowing out all left over ski socks! These are NOT blems or 2nds.

Fox River Mills, combination of Merino Wool and Silk,

Men's, size 9-12, Medium Weight.

Pkg of 6 prs for $30, plus S/H. ( $8.10 /Flat rate USPS withn the USA.)

Order by Personal Message only
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How thin are these?
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Men's, size 9-12, Medium Weight.

not real thin, not real thick....
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Hey, Phil, you'll love 'em. They're even marked left and right in case you get confused. They have a padded shin and a shaped padding under the foot. I've been carefully cycling a dozen pair I bought from Ric in 2003, and they're still almost like new after 20-25 washings. I have another dozen in reserve for when these wear out, but looks like they may outlast me. The secret to keeping the padded parts fluffy is to turn them inside out when you take them off so you wash them that way.
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Grumble. They are too big!
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PMs sent ...
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Ba- Ba- BUMP!
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Got my 6. Very nice, thanks!
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I wish I was a bit longer on coin right now. I have 8 pairs of a couple different types of Fox River socks, merino wool/syntheic blend and full synthetics, and have never had a complaint about them. This is a great deal. :
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a nudda bump
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These are actually REALLY sweet socks! I've got about 3 days in my new ones so far and I love 'em. They have light padding on the sole and shin, but are thin everywhere else. Really comfy.
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It's amazing what a good sock will do to the fit of your boots. It's got to the point where I KNOW what socks I have on, from how my boots are behaving during the teaching day. That's usually when I wish Thorlos were a tad cheaper. The boots just sit there when the Thorlos are in them. I got some alpine something-or-other from Garts last week, with looping on the shin and sole, and thye aren't bad at all.
These socks sound like they do the job well.
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here are some specs on the socks.... <<<<<<< Notice the Fox Direct price... and I'm selling them for $5 a pair, in lots of 6 pairs>>>>>>>>>

Welcome! To use the list and shopping features, Sign In > | New to Fox? | Forgot Password?
Back to Selection | New Search
Price: $19.49 per pair * Color: BLACK/GREY (07464) Size: SM (115062) BUY NOW MD (155193) BUY NOW LG (166503) BUY NOW ** XL (156451) BUY NOW ** * Fox River direct price.

5998 VVS® MV SKIMedium weight, over-the-calf
  • Anatomically designed to custom fit left and right feet
  • Super-soft merino wool and luxurious silk provide natural comfort and move moisture away
  • Lycra® 3D™ knit throughout for a memory fit
  • Smooth, flat toe seam
Contents: (more on fiber technology)

41% merino wool, 40% nylon, 17% silk, 2% spandex
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Nice. It's funny how they say "merino wool" here in the US. Back home, it's just called "wool". As far as I know, all our wool sheep are Merinos!

I like the padding around the back of the heel. One of the biggest trouble spots for feet in boots.
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Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Bada BUMP!!!
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Maybe some of you instructors could use them to make cold weather sock puppets to use as an aid to teach kids?
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I bought several pairs from VS and the socks are great. He sent them fast and I used them today. An excellant deal for anyone needing great socks at a great price!
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I'll second GT40s comments. I've skied my new socks from Vail Snopro twice now. I've noticed my feet have been much more comfortable than even in my other "expensive" ultra-thin ski socks. Could be either (1) chance, (2), feet getting used to new boots, (3), these new socks, (4) some unknown factor or combination of factors... Regardless, these socks are really nice, and still fairly thin for a "medium weight" rating.

Besides, there's a little red "L" and "R" stitched into the upper section of the respective socks above the big toe. Now I never have to stress about which sock I should put on which foot before I go skiing. :
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Mine arrived! (VSP found some girly ones for me). These are nice! Maybe better than my threadbare thorlos. The toes are nice and snug, the heels are too, no loose stuff like normal and all that nice padding right up the achilles area. Good for skinny ankles. And they go over my giant calves without fighting. Other socks get half way up and get discouraged and difficult.

These are amazing value for $5 a pair (they'd be amazing value at double that). Thank you VSP!
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OK, Ant! You want to send me another check?
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I've still got them on... they passed their first day with flying colours. The boots were so comfy and snug. Perfect socks (and in the right colour, too).
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Received my socks yesterday. Excellent product and an excelent transaction with VSP.


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Ditto. Got 'em yesterday. Seemless transaction w/ VSP. This is truly one of those deals that makes ya all warm and fuzzy ('scuse the pun).

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Socks are moving fast! Bumping once again!
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I got the socks fast-like last week and skiied them last weekend. Great sock and great service, thanks snopro!
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ski socks

Quality socks. Ordered Fri., socks received in Boston on Monday. Thanks Snopro!
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Bibbitty, bibbitty, BUMP!
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These socks are almost gone! Less than a dozen packs left!

Better hurry if you want any......

Contact me by PM, with full name and shipping address....

By the way- shipping has gone up to $8.60 (from $8.10) as I have had 2 shipments get lost in the mail, and the additional $.50 is the delivery confirmation (tracking) number.
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PM Sent
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