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Anybody heard of Marco Pantani?

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I'm sure some of you have. I was just thinking of him relative to the Hermanator's big crash. I remember the reports in the first days as being that he would be lucky to live, most likely would never ride again, could lose a leg, etc...

His road to recovery was a few years long, and undoubtedly a living hell, but a few years after the accident he won the Tour de France.

The Hermanator probably won't be winning any gold in SLC, but I wont write him off forever. If he does win another race, I'll bet it will be sweeter than all the others put together.
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Oh yeah, I know who he is. He wasn't in the Tour this year. He's tough as nails in the mountains.
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Sure have, Oner of ther toughest mtn climbers in yhe pro circuit--bicycle that is.
Very distinct in look, large head , ccompletely shaved short , slight body and a helluva climber.
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The pirate is a good model for Herman to study. There are tons...Silken Lauman, Canadian rower, gonna lose a leg, wins oly medals instead, Wilma Rudolf and Mia Ham (had childhood club feet).
Lance ain't bad either!
Herman knows how...otherwise he'd still be a bricklayin' ski instructor....
"Heee'll be baaack"!

i apologize for the arnold thing...it was inevitable...just wanted to be first<FONT size="1">

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I remember him from the 2000 TDF. I remember him so well because of the PINK clothes he wore, and that big, shaved head.
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My cynical "doper" theory: You haven't seen Marco racing cuz he is way out the back these days. The legal focus on him has prevented him from tinkering with his chemistry. Thus, he rode like an anchor in the Giro. Mercatone Uno was there to pace him around Italy when they could have been getting results for themselves.

This is a guy who had a hematocrit level near 60% after he hit a cat and broke his leg. Doctors who treated him freaked out it was so high.

I like Marco for his style, the way he refers to himself in the 3rd person, and for the way he can stomp uphill. But to be a cycling fan these days is to always wonder and doubt.
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All the best to Meier but I think skiing is harder on the legs than cycling. Cycling is what many people with leg and knee injuries take up after they have lost their running/skiing career.

Not that hammering up the alps is easy on the legs. Road cycling is more endurance and the muscle motions are smooth and regular. Cycling is also is more independent of bone structure. It is not considered a weight bearing excercise.

Cycling is about suffering. Any cyclists who has endured that extra amount of suffering, Pantani, has lost his tolerance for suffering. I think it will be harder for Meier to return to skiing.
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Most cyclists who have to stop competing at a relativly young age do so because of knee-injury!
The injuries are different from the ones you see in skiing and running, but they are there...
But you are right about the suffering;
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