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Tele boots for wide calves

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I am an apine skier and I have had to do lots of things to get my alpine boots to fit well. I have been considering telemark, and stopped by Reliable Racing on my way to a PSIA event this week. I could not come close to buckling any of the tele boots they sold (Garmont appeared to be the widest)- their buckles when open had about two inches of air between them and the hooks. Are there any wide calf tele boots around?
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FOG, try contacting Keith at PineNeedle Mountaineering. He's a very experienced bootfitter and can help you out. Contact info on left sidebar, bottom.
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Trying all available tele boots isn't such a huge task. The only manufacturers are Scarpa, Crispi and Garmont, and they only have a few models each... That's what I would do...
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Okay, if you can get over the...um...periphial issues this might bring up, I'd suggest you look at women's boots. They are made to allow for a wider calf.
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