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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
...... and so, my children, this, this very moment is the genesis of ...

taaaaaa taaaaaaa!!!!! ..... add cymbals clash for effect ..

The Women of Epic Calendar ....
Are YOU doing the art work?
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That's brillant!

Brillant! Put me down for ...one
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Originally Posted by tahoedreamer View Post
Brillant! Put me down for ...one
Only one?
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Epic poster

Got a deal to offer on two?

I do think it's a great concept!
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Originally Posted by tahoedreamer View Post
(1) You know, US attorney often hype their cases...biggest conspiracy in history of the Silver state...yada yada yada. It is apparent that keeping that much cash and receiving nearly no sentence that any conviction was a plea deal and under close scrutiny the government's case was really weak. Really, really weak. "One of the largest drug cartels in US history"..is empty rhetoric unfortunately and just an example of the language that too often spills out of the justice department p.r. effort (of course it has to be PR because if it wasn't then what would be the purpose of a press release...influencing the juror pool before the trial? Certainly, the PR realese wouldn't come after the plea because most folks would be left scratching their heads over this very very modest sentence for such profound criminality). I understood Julia's dad made his money the old fashioned way in California...land speculation. It's been more lucrative here in California than peddling weed. Especially around Tahoe.

(2) In the 60's and 70's there was no good marijuana from BC. Imporatation from Canada then was zip. BC bud is a recent phenonenon and it's an industry that seems to exist with a certain passive acceptance from Canadian authorities. Thailand was famous for the quality of it's (santiva (not indicia strain)) marijuana.

(3) I doubt Julia is being exploted by anyone and the Lange campaign is using the absurdity of pairing one very attractive champion skier in lingerie with their boots. I like the image and it's fun. My wife says it demonstrates that women athletes are sexy. I already knew that, but Julia is a nice reminder.
(1) I agree, pretty much every US attorney is running for office with big convictions their best form of advertising. I used to be very law and order until I saw things from the inside. The pressure to make a case is so intense that fabricated evidence is not out of the question.

(2) Are you a professional botanist, or just way more interested in a certain kind of herb than the general populace? (Working in a garden supply store doesn't qualify.)

(3) cf. my post, who's using who? These young ladies and men have a very short period in the limelight, the sophisticated ones and their agents are learning how to milk this for all they've got. Given the post ski team career options for these people, you really can't blame them. Must be tough to have your whole life go downhill after your 25.
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post
I think I'm probably offended too, but I will reserve judgement until I have seen the complete collection.
FOUND IT! Yup.... I think I'm pretty offended. ALL KINDS of exploitation!

Check out the whole collection HERE
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I'n NOT offended!

Look for the girl in the tuck position with the silver outfit.

I had those boots (favorites) and I had the poster on my wall. Yes that does date me a bit, but it brings back memories too.
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Good find! Oddly the two we've seen, Warm inside and Soft inside are missing, but they have "Keep those tips up!". Those three and the girl in a tuck are the only ones I remember seeing before. The rest are a bit sleazy. They are nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to see them on the wall in a place of business, back of shop included. Women should be encouraged to be ski mechanics if that is what they aspire to, and the shop enviroment should not be a place that makes women feel uncomfortable. If it's Julie Mancuso, that's another thing, but models in fish net stockings and ski boots, no.
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This is awesome, I want one
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I don't think the collection on that link is comprehensive, though it definitely had a bunch (just about all, actually) I'd never seen before. Aside from the uber-classic "Soft Inside," there were some that featured an '80s-era (which was contemporary at the time) Playmate of the Year. I don't remember her name but, yes, I'd know her if I saw her.

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What a bunch of sots.

The Lange Ads are trying to capture the Lesbian Dollar: they're drooling over her and hot topics like Angelina Jolie (still).

Um, no one wants to see 'hot' 40 year olds, Trek. Leave it to the young uns.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Um, no one wants to see 'hot' 40 year olds, Trek. Leave it to the young uns.
Hey, speak for yourself, Bonni!
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Thread Starter 
Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post
Hey, speak for yourself, Bonni!
Roger that!

I know of quite a few hot 40-year-olds.

Besides, didn't you get the memo, Bonni? 40 is the new 30.

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yeahbut 50 is also the new 40, so what's what?!
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I'm liking this math

then 49 is the new...39, and I'm feeling younger aleady. I can put off that mid-life crisis for a few more years.

On the subject of hot 40 year olds, maybe it's just me but I think there's many many more hot 40 year old gals now then there used to be say 20 years ago. Of course that could be just my graying perspective.
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Freeskier Magazine and FHM

Don't know if anyone on this site ever picks up a copy of Freeskier Magazine, but female professional freeskiers have been particpating in semi dressed photo shoots atarting with Kristi Leskinen and Sarah Burke in October of 2003.

There is a really interesting interview in the October 2006 issue with Leskinen, former olympian Wendy Fisher, Greta Eliassen, Ingrid Backstrom and Jessica Soblowski discussing this trend.

The general consenus among the women athletes seems to be as long as you can back up your photos with your skiing that this is all allowed in the effort to make a living as a female skier.

A few photos of some of the athletes in question...

Kristi Leskinen:

Sara Burke

Charlotte Moats

It seems that by comparison, Julia Mancuso's decision to work with Lange is actually closer to the norm rather than the exception if we include woman professional freeskiers in the mix. As long as they pay you to ski for a living these ladies seem to think anything is fair game.

By the way, Charlotte Moats is a former Dean's list student from Dartmouth. So much for exploitation, who's using who here?

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Would you rather ogle Sarah Burke or some middle age destroyer?

Hmmmm. When you are 70, are you gonna want to drool over 50 and 60 year olds? hahahaha

Greying perspective indeed.
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Middle age destroyer? Nah, don't see many of those on the ski slopes, but maybe too many at Safeway. But I was was thinking more of the gym when i made the remark. I see so many 40+ year old women who could give these young ones a run for their money at least with lingerie on if not through the gates that I was thinking that more women look better longer.
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obligatory sexist remarks after a few beers

Sarah Burke has some nice counterweights going there ...

hmm... might be too much upper body motion in the bumps though for the purists
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Lange is planning to move away from athletes. Next year it will be Miss Nevada.

and friends!
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Skiing! You've got to love it , it's all fun and zehr gut.
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mmm hot 40+ year olds...
Nothing wrong with that, if they are happy and positive, in fact I know of one particular 41 year old who is HOTT (and should be at my house in a couple of hours )
...and yes, I have a long way to go before I hit 40.

It's not about age, it's about being alive.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Yes it sells, but at what cost. I know when my wife read this artical including seeing the hot tub video, she said she will not buy another Dynastar/Lange product. Will this affect other womans purchasing patterns?
Only if they're single
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Canadian Cross country skiers do it with tasteful black and white art photos.....they don't even wear boots, and put the money towards skiing. Seems to work too, three medals among them.

"The skiers, shielded by skis and Canadian flags in the photos, sold almost 4,000 copies of their Nordic nudes calendar. After paying expenses and donating 30 per cent of their profits, each skier earned about Can$ 7,000.

Sara Renner, Beckie Scott, Milaine Theriault, Fortier and her sister, Amanda, were inspired by the middle-aged British women who posed nude two years ago and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for leukemia research. The Canadian calendar features black-and-white individual and group shots.

"I got frustrated when I'd open a fashion magazine and see these skinny women with no muscle," Renner said. "That's just the wrong message to send to young women." "
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RE Julia and the Lange promo:

Check out this link for a video (basically her in a hot tub discussing the issues):

http://www.skiracing.com/index.php?o...56&Ite mid=57
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Originally Posted by RShea View Post
RE Julia and the Lange promo:

Check out this link for a video (basically her in a hot tub discussing the issues):

http://www.skiracing.com/index.php?o...56&Ite mid=57
I am noticing a lot of slurred speach patterns in that video, do you think she's been hitting her dad's stash?
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well - she certainly addresses her critics. Very nice.

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Julia Mancusco

Has anyone noticed what Julia is doing on the WC - kicking butt!

Does anyone know if she is wearing that red lace under her skin tight race suits? One can only wonder.
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Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post
Has anyone noticed what Julia is doing on the WC - kicking butt!

Does anyone know if she is wearing that red lace under her skin tight race suits? One can only wonder.
Wonder? Don't you know?:
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Libby Ludlow has my vote! Ultra hot!

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