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thule rack question.

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hey guys,

just got a thule rack for my car.

i had a rack a few years ago, it ended up scratching the paint on the roof of the car pretty badly? it was some cheaper rack.

can u guys give me tips to prevent this from happening with this thule rack.

question 2) can u go through a car wash with thule rack on top of the car?
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I have no advice on preventing scratches.

I can tell you its probably not a good idea to go through a carwash unless it is "touchless". And this is only if it's a roof rack. If someone has a spare tire rack on the back of their car/SUV, they should never go through any type of car wash with it on.
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What kind of car? Does it have factory side rails?
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Clean the area well and the foot of the rack well. I also will throw a coat of wax on the spot where the foot will sit.
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If it's a rack that sits on the roof with pads, you can apply 3M paint protection film to the area of the roof under the pad. That's what I used to do when I had Yakima towers and clips on older cars without rain gutters or rails.
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