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I posted this mini review in another thead and thought I should post it up here.

I injured my wrist in a highspeed collision with a tree last saturday and as a result I have had my wrist in a splint and been unable to use poles (or sign my name) and so needed to tone down the speed a little and have been using my 4frnts as my all mountain ski for :sun, tues weds, and part of thurs so 4 days. The stl is stiff enough to ski the whole mountain and feels very solid under foot. It is a fun playful ski after the squads which are a very serious ski. The skis do not get deflected in crud and at 84 waist have a little bit of float. One thing I noticed about these skis is whether hucking of rocks or spinning in the park these skis recenter you on the ski keeping you from going over the bars. The construction is fairly bomb proof seeming sofar. Multiple rails and many drops/jumps with no damage. Customer service at 4frnt is excellent (called about mounting question).
I am too tired right now to do a real review so if you want to know something just ask and I'll let you know
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Hows the construction seem? How to the bases deal with rocks, any sidewall chips, or delams, how many days have you had on em total?

I really want a pair of ehps so I'm curious as to 4frnts construction in general.

EDIT: Ok, maybe I misread. Reading it again, I now think you'd had ONLY the last 4 days on em, not in addition to previous days, so the durability questions are kinda silly. I'm an idiot.
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no you where right the first time, prob had 20 or so days on them. Bases are bomb proof seeming, hit my fair share of rocks no core shots and barely any surface scratches. top sheet is chipping a long the edges but solidly attatched and only cosmetic. most of the top damage is from falling on rails and in the park and having the edges scrape against the topsheet. side walls look mint still.
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