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Bonni and Skierj: Anyone else??
I should be free to meet if you are still planning on 49 North for Tuesday. I was not sure I could be ther untill now. So if you still are up for it let me know. Should be a great day today. Skied 49 yesterday and was good, after this will be great.
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Well, since Bonni and J are out, Slider and Mattitude were heading back to Oregon after skiing Silver, and Rio's out too, it is currently looking pretty thin for tomorrow at Snowbowl, but, I will be there. Pete No. Idaho seemed to be planning on it, even after Bonni's fall.

The conditions are very good currently, it snowed about 1.5 in. during the day today after overnight. And it was snowing when we left. There is plenty of cut up powder on a somewhat crunchy base, with more snow falling tonight methinks. The Bowl is in great shape.

I'll be waiting at the bottom of the Grizzly chair at 9:30am. I'll wait a bit, but not forever.
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Go big

terribly sorry, but I ma currently esconsed at the Quality inn on 5th in Sandpoint---waiting for Bonni's release.

Tell ya what---send me a PM with a phone number and maybe I, alone, can get to 49 Tuesday.

We should be resting in Spokane at that time. l.et me see how things go.
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