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Anyone have anything to report about Tamarack? I'm back home in Idaho for a few weeks and am trying to figure out whether its worth a detour on the way up to McCall. Any information about the terrain (especially the new lift) and the snow (in comparison to Brundage and Bogus) would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I was up during the Thanksgiving period, but it wasn't anything to report about. One of my apprentices rides there weekly and says it is shaping up nicely, although Tamarack and Bogus both only have approximately 30 at the base.Incoming storms should help to alleviate this shortfall situation over the weekend though. The Wildwood lift serves some pretty good terrain in a predominatly northeasternly faceing drainage, although I don't think there is enough depth to sufficiently appreciate it yet. Probably take at least 48" to 60" to properly ski that area with no worries of ski damage,and that kind of depth won't be here until mid-January. Tamarack is definetly worth the drive from Boise to check out for the day. In my opinion, better than Brundage but not as good as Bogus during a good snow season, which is shaping up rather nicely so far this year!
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Thanks -- that's helpful. If these next few weak storms turn into anything, I'll definitely check it out for a day.
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A bit disappointing...

Spent the day at Tamarack today. Beautiful setting, with great views of Cascade Reservoir and the surrounding valley, but the mountain is a bit disappointing. The top 500 vertical feet or so are a blast--some good lines and a fun little corniced ridge--but the flat runout makes the experience a bit of a tease. Acres and acres of mostly untracked snow with hardly a soul in sight, but most of the mountain is too flat to really appreciate it. Kind of reminded me of the front side of Northstar (if you got rid of 90% of the people). Plenty of fun on a powder day, but the handful of good turns at the top just kept you itching for some steeper terrain. The new Wildwood lift was a pretty good time, but the lower elevation makes the snow quality more of a question mark.

If you know someone looking to take a peaceful ski vacation with young kids/mostly beginner/intermediate skiers, I would highly recommend it. If you're looking for more exciting skiing, I'd head elsewhere (or maybe check out one of the guided backcountry packages--the surrounding area looks promising).

Just my $0.02...
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