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MarkXS 48 really?

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Happy Birthday! Hope to see you in a month!
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Fox you make it sound like 48 is so old! Really its not!

Happy birthday Mark!
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He's just a kid at heart. Happy B day.
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Happy BD MarkXS.
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Originally Posted by Stache View Post
you really should consider adding that to your signature. Seems that I've seen it more than once recently
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Wow, Mark, 48. That's the age my older daughter will be in another month or so. You guys are really getting on now. She told me a year ago when she turned 47 that she was going to call herself a youthful 50 for the next 10 years.
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48????? Well... I guess he looks 48!
Happy Birthday, darling!

He'll be too "busy" to reply to this thread tonight!
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Just remember that I'm only one year older than you, darling. So maybe I should stick with the 48. Thanks Fox, for coming up with that!

Thanks everyone for the good wishes!

I do have to say I had the most awful birthday - I was supposed to drive down to Denver to go to work in my office and sit in my cube and write meaningful things. But there was this just awful snowstorm and the whole city of Denver was essentially closed and I-70 was treacherous so effectively I was stuck in Summit County and couldn't work. Horrors!

I was left with nothing to do but go skiing. And almost nobody was there because they were all stuck in Denver or at airports trying to get to Denver. So there weren't even any liftlines and there was still fresh snow.

I feel so awful that my plans to go to work today were thwarted, forcing me to go skiing. And on my birthday no less - that could set a bad precedent for the entire year. :
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What a damn shame, Mark. I mean, really! To deprive you that way is just cruel.

Happy Birthday, YOUNGSTER.
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He may be a geezer, but at least he's a young geezer.:
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Have a nice day Mark.
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Happy birthday Mark. Enjoy the great skiing in the neighborhood!
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MarkXS, I was shoveling yesterday, so missed this thread...

Happy birthday, my friend, and I'm delighted you got such a great birthday present. The government offices in Boulder are still closed! :
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Happy Birthday, Mark. It sounds like you made the best of it!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
He'll be too "busy" to reply to this thread tonight! there a football game on?
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I hear Lisa will be roughing the quarterback.
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Happy BD Mark!!

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