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Ski Dreams

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TWO last night.
Have at 'em, doc(s).

ONE. The image is a freeze frame. I am looking at the top of a very steep peak and see three skiers who have just launched. (Again, a freeze frame; no motion.) I can only identify one of them, the musician Van Morrison. I find this odd and somewhat humorous. I notice that he is on my skis (Fischer Mountain X). He is smiling. END OF DREAM.

TWO. This is more of the usual "movie" type dream, rather than a photograph.
I'm on a bus, seated about halfway back, on the aisle. The (window) seat next to me is empty. The bus stops, people board.
(I've got a few items with me, luggage, and a ski-related magazine.)
I recognize the guy who comes up the aisle and decides to sit in the seat next to me. I move so that he can have the window seat. It is Daron Rahlves. I don't say anything and I know that no one else knows who he is. He is in a ski jacket and settles in to read. (I think.) I KIND of want to say something but decide not to. I DO make the magazine I'm reading somewhat conspicuous, thinking that might start a conversation. We travel awhile, nothing said, then the bus stops. He gets off with other people, and as I stand to allow him to get to the aisle, I pat him on the back and say "Good luck Sunday." He is surprised that I know who he is, says "Hey, thanks a lot," and is off the bus.
When he does not return to the bus I "realize" he is connecting at this stop to another bus. END OF DREAM.
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Ah, Ryan,
Mystic Fox here, you've come to the right place, my son, for the interpretation of your first dream.
It may sound stupid, but have you ever been to Coney Island?
My first thoughts were that the last person you saw before you went to sleep was a brown-eyed girl. I thought that was ridiculous, but maybe you looked out your window, and saw from the dark end of the street to the bright side of the road. As your eyes looked up to see if God was shining his light, you saw the Queen of the slipstream in a moondance with a man who had told her lately that he loved her, that was a wonderful remark.

You see, what I think has happened is a 7 day variation of Astral Projection, or, as we call it round here: Astral Weeks projection.

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Oh, Common One, with the coat so old and the light in the head, you do see through me and on into the mystic.

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