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Christmas shopping- Help!

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I'm a newbe here (and on this continent too-16yrs in Canada) so here some introduction notes.
Fifty somethin', 5 kids (6 youngest, 34 oldest) and a grandpa too, small business (electronic repairs), trying to squeeze in 20-30 days/nights a season of skiing (last 10years), tennis, badminton and KungFu, big organic vegetable garden, german shepherd dog to walk every day- busy life..
I'm 174cm & 73kg fairly fit, been skiing for over 30yrs more regularly last 10.
My first skis, as you may guess, were 210cm the last I bought from a racer were Kastlee GS 186cm. I ski aggressively and fast, locally (Collingwood Ontario) groomers and a week(March break) usually Quebec and couple of times Wistler, different condition. Hoping to go west again when my girls are ready, my older girl (8) did her first black run last year and younger is doing well too.
Never been too comfortable in bumps, never really tried (I guess some would question if I can ski at all..) that is going to change.
On my old sticks I can do everything on par(less style I guess) with my friend, retired ski coach & instructor, except bumps of course.
I tried shaped skis a few years back and I did't like them. My perception was they cannot do more then my old and felt much less stable at speed.
But I want to explore more 'off the beaten track' and I demoed some Volkl 5*, Rossis B2, Zenith 3 & 9 on bigger slopes last year and they helped me feel definitely more in control there. Last few days I'm 'demoing' over the internet reading reviews (that's how I stumbled on this excellent site) comparing prices. I neglected my work, kids, wife and Christmas preparation..
I have to do at the keyboard what I'd love to do on the slopes, but but there is no time, no snow, and limited choice in a pro shop where I ski.
I narrowed my choices to:
-AMC 76 may be -RX8
-K2 Skryper
-Volkl Ac3
I'm aiming at 'do it all tool' (60-70% groomers ) that would not kill me in the bumps and wont slow me down too much.
I definetly have a mental block to see myself skiing those short planks in a shape of a violin - I hope I haven't crossed a line of decency here?- or may be it's my big ego..
From the research I've done it looks like has to be 170-175cm ?
Please help, I have to do some work in my shop!

Merry Christmas to all.

Kaz O.
P.S. I noticed there are pros on this forum that sell equipment to members.
Do i disscuss this here or do it through PM?
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I suggest you look at SX11 or 12 in a 170 from atomic. They can handle anything Blue Mountain can throw at them.

From Fischer, consider the WC (165 SC for shorter turns, 170 RC for longer) if you don't go slow and RX8/9 if you sometimes have to ski smaller hills or with family that can't keep up.
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Thanks Ghost for your comments, but Blue Mountain is not my concern.
When I go to Laurentians and go off groomers (or in anticipation of going to Whistler) I would like a different tool then my GS Kastlee. My experiments with the mentioned above skis convinced me that I have to add something to my toolbox to handle more then B.Mountain and be comfortabe.
I would appreciate more suggestions.
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Will you be taking lessons?

No- iM 77 or AC3

Yes- RX8
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comprex, could you elaborate, mogul lessons ? or lessons lessons?
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Lessons lessons.

The narrower waisted skis edge significantly quicker than the wider ones, and that could feel extremely limited and unstable unless one develops far more versatility in edge control than those Kastles would easily allow. Call them lessons in 'style', they really are much better taught by instructors than picked up through long trial and much error.
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