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OK, I'm pretty sure I know the real reason that there will be no women's ski jumping in 2010.

There aren't any competators.

There would be about 20 'athletes' competing. There would be about 20 women around the world training, that gives every girl a 1 in 20 chance of winning an olympic gold medal.

It does not meet the olympic standard. It's not a legitimate sport yet. If a female athlete has olympic dreams I suggest training Luge or Skeleton, these are olympic sports.

I'm really really good a chugging beer fast. If it was an olympic sport I would be competative, I don't expect the IOC to 'create' a sport for me, I would love to be an olympian but I'm not good enough at any actual events. That isn't discrimination, neither is disallowing W's Ski Jumping.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
OK, I'm pretty sure I know the real reason that there will be no women's ski jumping in 2010.

There aren't any competators.

There would be about 20 'athletes' competing. There would be about 20 women around the world training, that gives every girl a 1 in 20 chance of winning an olympic gold medal.
FIS lists 121 active female competitors. :
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20 or 120, whats your point?...that that is a large talent pool?? It isn't.
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Just examining how sarcastic the previous post was.

Of course it isn't. Would it be smaller if there wasn't an Olympic venue? Probably. But the audiences aren't segregated, so as long as the men have a venue, the women should.

Whether the Olympics have a role to nurture athletic refinement apart from profitable entertainment value deserves its own thread.
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Originally Posted by Baja View Post
I'm curious as to what this "medical point of view" is, exactly. :

Anybody have any further info on the details of this?
Maybe they're worried about silicone explosions.
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Originally Posted by JackFrost View Post
I think it has more to do with popularity and ratings. Ski jumping ranks down there in the ratings...it always does. Does anyone honestly really follow mens jumping to being with? Quite frankly it is a sport whos only exciting moments for the viewer are the crashes. Other than that it has all the drama and suspense of watching a curling match. It is slow, the time between runs are long and it lacks drama. Regarding similarities to alpine skiing there are few other than the fact that the equipment looks the same. If you read between the lines what the Oympic comittee really is saying is mens ski jumping doesnt draw enough interest to begin with and womens will probably draw even less.

Ski jumping has always been considered a fringe sport like bobsledding. The appeal is in the danger more than the athletic component. In fact at one time they were thinking about removing ski jumping altogether.
Actually Finnland, Sweden and Norway pay a lot of attention, but then they kind of invented it. Pretty much the whole town of Oslo shows up for the annual jumping event at Holmenkollen, it is a great party if you ever get the chance to go. Norwegians will drink anything, I still remember being offered a swig from a bottle of Mennen Skin Bracer in the 1980's. As far as spectator sports go, it is a lot more fun to watch than the average downhill, Austrian cowbells aside.

Ski jumping also played an important role in the development of skiing in the US. Most of the early ski areas in Colorado and Michigan got their start with jumping competitions, which attracted folks to the area. It was a much bigger deal over here in the early part of this century, it's one fo the main reasons the national ski hall of fame is located in Iron Mountain. Most areas got rid of the jumps in the 1950's, although I recently saw that Winter Park is trying to bring theirs back. They should, it's a lot more fun that pond skimming championships.
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Originally Posted by Ski Diva View Post
International Ski Federation (FIS) President Gian Franco Kasper told National Public Radio that ski jumping "seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view."
There are few things in this world today that get my blood boiling anymore, but this kind of BS will certainly raise the temperature a little. I would absolutely love to know the rational why "ladies" from a "medical point of view" should not be ski jumping. First of all, if I were a woman, I would be insulted at his use of the word "ladies". This man is clearly living in ancient times...

I had a little experience with the IOC and FIS in the late 70's and early 80's when freestyle skiing was attempting to become an Olympic Sport. We had a very tough time because we were generally thought of as crazy boozers and druggies... how else could people in their right mind do the things we did... Obviously there is no comparison between "crazy boozers and druggies" and "ladies" but what I learned in the process may be helpful.

Long story short, there were (are?) very clear IOC rules about how a new sport can become an Olympic Sport. In our case, it was an uphill battle the whole way and required a team effort of IOC and FIS officials from many countries including the US, Can, Ita, Fra, Swe, Ger, et al. We also had to combat a decision by US ski areas to ban inverted aerials, an outright nationwide ban in the early 80's. Inverted aerials were said to be "too dangerous" to competitors and "too costly" to ski areas in the event of injury.

We took it upon ourselves to prove the naysayers wrong, and did. A Physician led safety committee compiled and compared statistics of sports injuries (we were no where near the top of the list). We instituted mandatory training on water ramps where competitors would prove an ability to successfully complete their manuver and land safely before they were allowed to perform on snow. The process was gruling, but in the end, I must say it was very worth the effort, and I believe our sport is far better off for having gone through this phase.

I look forward to the day when women from around the world will be televised as they fly through the air... Even more, I would especially appreciate watching a spoof where a women in a dress (perhaps a wedding dress?) wearing a ball and chain flies off a jump with a banner that reads "Thank you Gian Franco Kasper!"

Best wishes!
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"I look forward to the day when women will be televised..."

Here's an idea, make it happen. Women comprise 52% of the world population. Support each other, go to events, show the value for advertisers to be involved in womens sports. This will generate money for the broadcasters, etc. You can MAKE this happen if you really want it.

There is no equality without equal responsability.
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Yet we women can fly down a skeleton track - which is no threat to our fragile little bodies. Yet ski jumping where we are no more than 20 feet off the ground is harmful. WHATEVER - IDIOTS!
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Why just the other day, my kid called me and said .... "Hey dad! Can I take up luge, ya' know, like all the other kids?

Or the two or three man sleds ..... common as cow flops in my parts. Hell, ya' trip over em' just gettin out of the truck at Wal-Mart.

Oh ... and no more jumping off those cornices either! Now ..... get cher' biscuits in the oven and yer' buns in bed!

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Believe it or not, I really enjoyed the last Olympic coverage of ski jumping. Its simply amazing to see (men currently) soaring through the air and then landing on two planks the way they do. I hope the women get somewhere with their claim in the future because I would really love to see them doing their thing. Now you want to talk about a great sport that happens to be a little boring to watch... snowboarding halfpipe and well snowboarding anything, those guys are way slower than the skiers and can't touch the air a skiier gets out of a pipe. Man nothing beats skiing!!
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Tell 'em that's ok, the women really want ski flying instead.
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Just to review,  the women will be flying in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


Best of luck to the women that fly.

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Awesome.  :)

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Ski jumping requires huge balls (figuratively, of course).  If you have big enough "balls" to stand at the top of that ramp and slide down, knowing that there is no going back, you have my utmost respect, irrespective of whether you have two X chromosomes, or an X and a Y.  IMHO, the IOC's attitude is nothing but blatant "machoism".  Hopefully, a court of law will tell them that.  

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