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Speeding Tickets and Radar Detectors

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Since I assume that some people on this board drive long distances early in the morning to go skiing 3 hours away, what do you do as far as speed traps go?

I always have control of my vehicle so don't think I am some madman that has no regard for what is going on around him or her. I am always alert and don;t even talk on a cell phone while driving becuase I think it is distracting.

Personally I drive over the speed limit when I know the roads and know where cops sit.

2 years ago I got nabbed in Woodstock, VT but I think ost people have at one time in there life as the cops are real jerks. I got nailed coming down a hill when the speed limited changed and he got me right after the sign going 10 over the speed limit. That ticket was like $130 and the only speeding ticket I have ever recieved.

Last Monday I got nailed in a similar instance in Sunappe, NH where the speed limit goes from 50 to 35 and he got me right after the sign as I was slowing down. He was really nice and let me off without even a warning.

Do you guys use radar detectors?

If so what kind?

I don't want to risk my insurance being even more than it is in Boston and I have a perfect driving record.

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Speed limit signs leading into, through, and out of the small towns along I-395 getting toward Mammoth are easy to see, come with fair enough warning, and you'd better pay attention to them or you WILL add to the revenue of Independence, Bishop, Lone Pine, Big Pine, etc.
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I use a Escort, my buddy has a V1. I think the V1 is better but the escort is more user friendly. Not as many false signals. Other then these two I would not recommend any orthers

Hey, ryan, I used to drive on I-395 when I was stationed at George AFB back in the late 70's.
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They're always waiting in Sunapee at that spot - it comes just after an uphill passing zone and is down and around a bend. That set up must be a real municipal money-maker...
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I got nailed coming back from VT 2 years ago, 2 days before Christmas. The following week, I ordered the Valentine 1 (V1). Never had a ticket since (knock on wood). The roads I take to & in VT are notorious for speed traps. As long as you know the abilities & limitations of the detector, you'll be ok. You are actually at most risk with no traffic ahead of you, because you'll never get a warning from a trooper using a radar gun in the "instant on" mode. They get a lot of people with these, even though, technically, the reading is not accurate in the "quick burst" mode. I'm not advocating driving 80+ MPH, but I do exceed the speed limit most of the time, because it is a pretty long drive.
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I use an Escort for road trips. Sorry, I'm a spoiled local . . . going skiing isn't a road trip.

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Thanks for the tips.

I just ordered a V1 and will try it out this weekend.

Do you guys use the windshield mount or the visor mount?
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IG, I spend more weekends in VT then I do at home in CT. It's 120 miles one way. Two weeks ago I left Okemo to bring a friends daughter back to Burke Mt Academy then turn around and drive home to CT, 330 miles most of it in a snow storm.

I know quite a few race parents from as far away as central MD that drive to Okemo every weekend in the winter. Then drive around VT to take the kids to different races.

I hope you know how good you have it. I'm sure you do.
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windshield mount
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Originally posted by PerSwede:
windshield mount
So if you get pulled over do you yank it off the window?
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
[QB]IG, I spend more weekends in VT then I do at home in CT. It's 120 miles one way. QB]
Okemo is 147.2 miles from Boston so I do know how bad it sucks.

I wake up at 4 am to drive there to get on the lifts by 8.
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How about radar JAMMERs? Gimmick or real?

Of course, they make the offer to pay for a ticket, but that's an age old consumer come-on that banks on lazy consumers. Sounds like a great idea if it works. All you need to do is get a ticket with your radar detector on (as I have done) to lose confidence in them--and "instant on" radar will do this. Your detector sits all quiet-like, then BLAM--it's signal detection goes off the charts because you just got nailed. A jammer would presumably defeat that scenario. I see on Ebay there's two types--the not-so-expensive, and the very expensive. Makes me wonder if there's something to them, especially the pricier versions...
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Two tips I use. If the road isn't covered with ice and snow I set my cruise control at or under the speed limit. Otherwise I let the boarders pass me, drop in a little ways behind them and use them as a radar detector.
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I have my Escort hard wired to the fuse box and mounted to the windshield.

You don't have to remove it, they are legal in all states except I believe VA and the DC.

I also wonder if the jammers work ?
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Bonni and Jeff must think that I am an old lady driver because when we have met to go skiing I always drive slow through the little borrows in Vermont. They tend to look for the out of state cars to pull over, particularly Massachusetts cars, it seems. It doesn't matter where I am in Vermont, if I go even 2 MPH over the speed limit they are there. I've found it best to stay below the limit rather than asking for trouble.

New Hampshire isn't that much better, particularly near Waterville Valley.
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Originally posted by Lucky:
...drop in a little ways behind them and use them as a radar detector.
Yeah, over the years, using other drivers as human shields has become my method du jour. I've gotten MORE than one instant-on radar ticket with good detectors sitting on my dash.

But I'd march right out and buy a jammer tomorrow if find out they work. I gave up on detectors some time ago.
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
You don't have to remove it, they are legal in all states except I believe VA and the DC.
Yea, but if you do get pulled over with it, how you gonna try to talk your way out of a ticket with one in the windshield?

I'm going back and forth between the Valentine and the 8500. My current POS is working ok, but when heading south on I-15 and speeds get up higher, range is a bit of an issue.
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When I recieved my last ticket the Escort never went off. It was early last season, before Thanksgiving. So Rt103 in VT was quiet, it was a dark clear night. We were stargazing and talking about the stars and outer space. When the lights appeared in my mirror, I was nailed, no way out.

I have know idea were he came from, I wasn't paying attention so, a paided another way, $130.00.
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Originally posted by Aaron:
[QB]How about radar JAMMERs? Gimmick or real?

Well, Aaron, you're in a bit of luck. The term of US Patent 4791419 to Gary R. Eubanks just expired on Dec. 13, 2003, so you're free (ha!) to make, use, or experiment with.

Here is the abstract:
This invention is a device for absorbing microwave-type radio signals from a radar sending unit. The above is accomplished by providing a transformer effect with a conductive material which is connected to a signal neutralizing gas such as that found in fluorescent light tubes.

The image (if you have Quicktime or a TIFF viewer, can be seen HERE.

I reckon you could get a bit of feedback on the design just trying to reduce false triggers on some of those POSs mentioned elsewhere in the thread.
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So is it worth it to pay $400 for one?

I guess I can try it and return it if it sucks.

I am getting one overnighted so I will try it Saturday but it may be too cold for cops to be gunning.

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Make sure you floor it everywhere you go so you can then be a proud testimonial to the effectiveness of jammers, or a cautionary tale so we can all avoid your mistake. LOL.

Seriously, they sound too good to be true, but detectors are sure haven't done much for me.
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Uh, guys, it's a passive absorber made out of fluorescent tubes and wire. $400 only if it's got a radome over it to make it look like longhorns.

I'd be interested to hear how many false positives Scalce triggers on other ski commuting folks' superhet circuits with that new active jammer of his.
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I'm getting the Valentine V1 not a jammer.

Maybe I'll get both and trigger myself.

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I thought jammers were illegal in the US? In '97, Rocky Mountain Radar got tagged by the FCC because its jammer violated the Communications Act.

FCC memo on Rocky Mtn Radar

Has there been a more recent development?
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Greetings all.
I saw this post and just had to read the thoughts.
I can provide answers to all those Radar/Laser questions you might have.
Why/how can I do this?
Been a Police Officer for 11 years now and I work at least 2 traffic details a week.
So Fire away.
And Be nice. Not all of us are jerks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I respect all cops but I would like to not get nailed for speeding obviously.


Do all police departments have the capability to do the pulse radar?

Is that newer technology that not everyone has?
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Do you mean POP mode?
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Also how well do radar detectors like the Valentine actually work?

What is the criteria to pull someone over such as how much over the speed limit?
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I don't know if I'd remove it if pulled over...never happened. In my experience, though, talking your way out of a ticket is usually not a likely outcome, unless you've got a pretty good excuse (kid about to have an "accident" in the back seat, medical emergency, etc.)

I believe jammers are indeed illegal in all states. Detectors (in cars) are legal, except in Virginia. Some detectors, like the Valentine, are supposed to be able to mask their signal, so the troopers can't detect it in use. I think I'd just take it down if I were going through VA. Since I never drive there, it's not really an issue.

You can avoid getting surprised by the "instant on" hits by making sure there is at least one car ahead of you. A good detector will pick up the signal as the car ahead of you gets zapped, giving you enough time to slow down. Empty roads are where you will get caught. In VT, the troopers often cruise the highway, zapping cars w/ instant on that are travelling in the opposite direction. In NY, the troopers often cruise the highway & come up behind you, matching speed to nail you (or a quick radar check), so you have to be aware of rapidly approaching cars from the rear.

When researching detectors, I did a lot of reading about the various radar types used. The instant on is typically the Ka band. The "instant on" mode, however, has some limitations. In order to be accurate, a radar gun must establish a baseline frequency (if I remember correctly), which, based on the physics & electronics involved, takes approximately 3 seconds to establish. If an instant on radar is flipped on, and tracks you for less than 3 seconds, the results are not accurate, and shouldn't hold up in court. If you are able to deccelerate to the speed limit w/in 3 seconds, you should be fine. I can dig up the reference links if you're interested.

B.t.w., lasers are more problematic, but not very prevalent in our area.
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We tested several Laser Detectors. We found that we had the speed of the vehicle the same time the Detector sounded....
I dont stop till you are going at least 15 over.

As far as Radar goes. I dont use it much. I get em the ole fashion way. Pace EM. Makes for a lot of driving but hey its not my car. [img]smile.gif[/img]
When I stop someone that has a radar Detector I will always write em the "full boat". Why? well you arent using it for safety reasons etc. Only used for one thing..

No we dont have a quota. thank God.
No,Hot Girls dont get out of tickets.
Several Detroit redwings and Detroit pistons have however " been warned" I like Hockey and Basketball. [img]smile.gif[/img]
There has to be more then this....
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