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Snowbird Pic.'s 12-9

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Here are some pic.'s from Snowbird 12-9. I was very concerned that the base was only 38" but I found the skiing and snow level to be quite adequate for the most part.
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more bird pic.'s, plenty of early season snow(1/2 of normal for 12-9)
on the way to Junior's Powder Paradise, just opened, in Mineral Basin.
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road to provo-doesn't do justice to enormity of Little Cloud Bowl, my favorite place on Planet Earth
cirque chutes-traverse to wasn't skiable
the cliff lodge-Little Cottonwood Canyon is a ski resort "freak of nature" because "relatively speaking" there is very little developement and lodging compared to most BIG destination resorts, thank you God!
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iron blossom
more mineral basin pic.'s
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Man, when it comes to are the Man!!!!
I can't wait to get there in March.

Thanks for posting and don't be shy to post more photos.
I'm a head case when it comes to ski (resort) pictuers!!!!
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Devotee....In the last picture, is that the tunnel exit in the upper right hand corner??
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Got to love the Bird. They have gotten some good dumps since then. March will come around soon enough, or maybe not.
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Nice pics! I'm heading there for a week in march!
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Coming to the alta nd the bird in January These pics have me stoked. Conditions appear to be a tad bit better than I have been skiing back here in the east.
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more pics.

1. from MB Express looking towards baldy express
2. a bony MB
3. little cloud lift- regulator johnson(enlighten me about that name) to left, 800 ft of steep cruisers(groomed) dream
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from Gadzoom to base, Alta is around the corner up the road
again, Complain Not!, there is very little developement in this Canyon, and it will stay that way(unless Alta sells out<g>, now that's a thought, there is room, God Forbid!). This canyon is a very beautiful place to ski. And seriously, not against Alta, but it seems that around every corner skiing down the Bird you find another way to view the huge, beautiful mountain(usually white) looming ahead across the canyon.
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That is some crazy stuff.
Nice pictures and thanks for posting.

Snowbird, I'll see you first week of March. (oh, Alta, Solitude and Snowbasin, too)

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what a place

Thanks for the nice cousins have a time share at the Iron Blossam 2nd week of March..I go most years and every time I am reminded on how steep this mountain is and when the powder hits it is the best..what a place!! We used to drive all night from WA to escape the wet snow and gloomy skies-pumping up the Dead and packing bowls-those were the days!!

The opening of Mineral basin really changed things. I remember looking over the edge and wishing I could drop in (although in March it is often super cruddy)

Is it true they repaced the old Little Cloud lift this year?? that used to be a real bottle neck. On a storm day some of my favorite shots are down low off the Peruvian many interesting untracked lines and good visibility to boot.

looking forward to March 07...
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>good ole days

" (ditto)
i'll second that! I am sure that many of us old timers are of the same "ilk".(but grown up, sshh, don't tell the kids).. I will see you at the Jubilee...

I'be been going to SLC last weekend of Feb most of the last ten yrs, (skiing SLC for >20) but have missed out on the storms for about 4 yrs running, think it is soon my turn again. I really enjoyed kicking off the season with an early dec trip two weeks ago and hope to repeat that next year again. Waiting until feb is way too long each year. I live in the Poconos, only 20-40 minutes from 6 resorts, but I just cant bear to ski them, i'm too spoiled. I have my sights on skiing Aspen and Big Sky and will get there somehow soon enough, but SLC is just so easy and cheap with the right terrain and snow, it makes it hard to take a chance elsewhere.

I enjoy the atmosphere of SLC. i guess the beehives make it sweet. Even the airport has a nice friendly feel and is just so easy to get through. 15 min.'s to get rental car, luggage right there, 30 min.'s to hotel,(Midvale) then another 30min.'s to hill after free breakfast in $60/nt hotel to ski on often 120-150 inch base<g>, in spectacular scenery, can't be beat that easily. And put mineral basin and little cloud together for what?, miles of steep lines, oops, forget to add the cirque...and let us not forget lower peruvian and blackjack for a pow day.

One time i stayed in Park City and woke up to blue skies and a flurry on the ground, i drove around the corner and dropped into Primrose path(my favorite 1200 feet of nonstop moguls off the tram) into 2 ft of fresh that somehow dropped from the skies overnight(wasn't blue over LCC), and was hitting 12" of pow all the way around the blackjack. whooop whooop.
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Regulator Johnson was named such because during the snowbird's early days Dick Bass wanted to spend tons of money. Ted Johnson the other main investor would regulate what he would spend.

Some other names

Big Emma - the whore at alta she was big and easy

West 2nd South - the old bars/strip/prostitution street in 60 and 70 SLC.

Silver Fox - Ted Johnson was handsome guys with gray hair.

Great Scott - Great Scotts!!!!

Who Dunnit - the slope was cut to low so who dunnit?

STH - Steeper Than Hell

Primose Path - there is primrose that grow there in the summer
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Nice pics. I missed Snowbird on my first ever trip out west last year, but will be sure to hit it up this year. It's hard to imagine that there is another place that offers the combination of great snow, easy access, cheap lodging, etc that SLC area does. I used to go with a group of friends every year for a long weekend to Killington. For a few hundred bucks more it is well worth it to go to SLC. Especially when it pours rain like it did when they took their trip last year.
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I'll be heading here to escape this rotten weather that is killing us in the east. ASAP.
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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post
Complain Not!, there is very little developement in this Canyon, and it will stay that way(unless Alta sells out<g>, now that's a thought, there is room, God Forbid!).
Actually, most of the open spaces at Alta are slide paths.
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Thanks (SnowbirdDevotee) my friends and I will be staying at the Cliff Lodge for a week
starting the 6th of January. I know snowbird well and those pictures make me feel as if
I were there. See you soon at Snowbird.
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>Is it true they repaced the old Little Cloud lift this year?? that used to be a real bottle neck.

no, it's the same old. I could see why they might not want a quad there, but at least a triple would be nice. a fond snowbird memory was when the road to provo was closed for a few days because of heavy snow, and we were riding little cloud up just after they dropped the rope and the lucky were coming down in untracked 24-30"" of fluff, everyone laughing and giggling, falling all over the place in the deep snow. what a scene of complete happiness! we had our turn soon and we joined the crowd with a face plants and tumbles of our own, of course when the snow is deep like that you don't look over your shoulder to wait for your pals, but blast on down to catch another ride up.

thanks for the hx on regulator and other slopes. Anyone other antidotes would be appreciated. I think ole Dick is the reason many hold a grudge against Snowbird, maybe he wanted to make some of it nice, but personally I really don't think the facilities are all that nice, food is a B- compared to other resorts(or less). But certainly there is this anti-bird attitude some have, and I can't completely figure it out.

When you look at the pics above of the Cliff and Iron Blossom you have to admit they didn't do a bad job of fitting in with the canyon scenery. From up high, the Cliff looks might small and tidy, doesn't it? I used to stay at the Cliff when I was young and poor, but now, been there, done that, and am content to stay down below, skip the $22 breakfasts etc. and save a few bucks, plus I recharge and sleep better in the valley- sleep low, ski high(I wish<g>!). Although I really enjoy the service of those Snowbird employees and the look they get after being there all season, and I am sure it is the same for Alta employees.

The Little Cloud pic.'s really don't do it justice, look at how tiny that lift is(bottom one on decmber 21st, 2006, 04:17 PM) to get an idea of that bowl. Regulator is a very sweet steep long groomed cruiser. Try skiing to it's right(looking down) near the rocks for some real steep wide open skiing(I think that the steepest long pitch in little cloud). Also all the backsides of the Little Cloud mounds often hold decent pow days after a storm. For a little exploring at the Bird - Go All The Way left in in Mineral Basin to the resort boundary(way left of Baldy Express) a little adventure in a steep seldom skied chute. Also, for more fun, and sweet snow, left off Gad II, left left left follow the tracks to the mid thunder bowl area to end up at the top of Baby Thunder Lift. If you enjoy feeling the strong pull of gravity, you will enjoy the bird. Another one, obvious, but dont miss it, under Gad II lift, the snow is always so sweet even though it is regularly skied, the sun never kisses that slope, for even more gravity, try next door STH. But if you fall and roll like a bowling ball, you won't knock those big pines waiting for you down at the bottom. And although not really steep, everyone that does the bird has to go down the Black Forest. (a mini Honeycomb Canyon). Hope this brings back some pleasant memories and anticipation for some of you!
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Glenn Next time you come here we are hiking baldy. I got knee deep snow about 2 hours ago, and it hasnt snow in days.

edit on the LC chair issue yeah they are suppose to replace it but the new Peruvian Express has taken alot of the load of the Little Cloud chair. Today skiing around alta/bird so many lifts had lines Collins, Sugarloaf, Mineral Basin Express, the Tram, Gadzoom but not one line on Little Cloud or Gad 2 all day.

how about this as new problem it is slightly true there is slighty more people in the chips area, but most people are going to mineral basin now and not going the easy way down and getting in way over there heads. Above the still very rocky Cham chutes between MBX and Baldy express lift there are these awesome open untracked snow fields leading people to be cliffed out nearly every look from the lift over there. honestly alittle humous.
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>Next time you come here we are hiking baldy. I got knee deep snow about 2 hours ago, and it hasnt snow in days.
Josh, hike?, ugh, do i have to? well, i would never turn down an invitation to ski with a Snowbird ski instructor!! Feb 23fr or 24sa.

>MB Cliffed out. - guess they are going to have to mark that up pretty good. It is a shame that that whole Baldy Express/Lupine area didn't have a little more pitch in the top half. Funky geography over there limits its' usefulness to any level of skier, except for lupine only for intermediates. I can see how folks could get into some trouble by thinking that tunnel leads to an all over intermediates paradise, best for Everyone to pay attention to signs at the bird. And I think you have to hike up and out a ways to get away from those chutes/cliffs if you don't ski them. Those MinBas pic.s must remind some of Europe(never been).
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good stuff


I really enjoyed the pics. Thank you. I am heading out to Utah on jan 24 -28 and am really looking forward to some excellent skiing. I plan to hit up Snowbird, Alta... the rest is up in the air. I'll go where the pow is.

When you say

Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post
more bird pic.'s, plenty of early season snow(1/2 of normal for 12-9)
on the way to Junior's Powder Paradise, just opened, in Mineral Basin.
do you mean that there is 1/2 as much snow coverage as is found on a normal year? Just wondering becasue it looks pretty sweet to me.

To let you know how good you have it out in utah I thought I'd add a pic from whiteface (Lake Placid, NY) where I normally ski.:
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I have got to get out there! Great pics
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