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Snowbird 12/17/06 Deep

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unday was my day off, calling it good would be a understatement. It was FKNA awesome. Mineral Basin was where is was at it was REALLY deep. Deepest snow I have ever skied. Skiing with my my friend will and ran into JTrue from TGR on the MBX.

Ill let the pictures speak for themselves.

Will's been skiing since July of this year Id say he is doing alright.

Will is happy

Me gettin some

make sure you smile

JTrue finds the deepness

JTrue Popping up to breath

Me getting a faceshot

I could get use to this

Will getting deep

Cold Smoke will style

hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Yes I know I need a better camera.
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Nicely done. Live for pow.
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Nice! No need for a better camera - I'm jealous enough as it is!
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You're killing us with those powpow shots.

You know if you were back in PA you'd be warm and dry!?! At least until tomorrow when a heavy rain is expected.
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Balls deep, huh?

A better camera might let us see those ear-to-ear grins better . Awesome shots for an awesome day! .
BTW, I just gotta ask, and you don't have to answer if it's embarrassing or anything, but are your balls really up at your neck?
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It must be 'cause it was really cold out!
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I can't f-ing believe I canceled my trip that would have had me in those pictures. @#$%!#$^$!#^!^^#$^#$!!!!!

FKNA though for you.
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Nice. I grew up skiing the bird in the 70's. Love that snow, you dog!
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Not missing SW Pa. I take it. Good for you!
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i'm so jealous
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