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Atomic SL 11 how to tell WC?

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A few quick questions:

Any help here would be very appreciated.(A-man are you out there???)

I've been told by two folks that the SL 11 race stock ski has fewer dimples in the top sheet than the retail version. Is that so? Is that last years WC ski? Is that how you tell? The skis do have flex ratings.

Also, there are various plates available, is the black plate is the stiffest?

Is the turn radius 14m @ 165 ?

Is the 1 base 3 side edge ok for free-skiing or will that "ruin" the ski?
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My understanding is that the way you could tell the difference between the older FIS World Cup Race Stock and the regular Race Stock on the older sl:11's was the black VIST-like plate on the World Cup skis. The regular retail version had a plastic like plate with silver fittings. Both types of race stock skis had a silver flex sticker with the flex number hand written in by someone in Altenmarkt.

On the newer skis it is my understanding that the flex numbers are now written directly on the tails and there isn't a difference in the plates, so depending on the year it may be harder to tell. Maybe someone else has more information.

As far as the tune, it depends on your preference. There is nothing wrong with the factory tune, it is very quick and there is not an issue with free-skiing it unless you hit a rock.
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Last year's SL ski had a smooth topsheet, no dimples. Comes with two plate options as does this year's SL12. Unless Atomic is giving you "special" skis, that's it.

There are no classifiers that magically define it as regular race stock, WC stock, FIS stock, pro stock, top fuel, funny car, etc... They're race skis. Now go ski, race, and have fun.
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Easy way?

The retail version has a plate drilled for Neox only, and in the SL11, the radius on the 165 was too friggin' big- 14m. I bitched about this here and was informed that a 14m turn radius was more adaptable. Who wants adaptable? I want turny in a slalom ski. Funny thing too, the race room slaloms in the 165 had an 11m radius. Also, the Race version accepts the race binding only. (Old race/Xentrix/etc). They are NOT the same hole pattern (Neox/Race)
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The main noticeable difference between the race-stock and retail SL-12's is in the construction, with the Beta lobes on the race-stock skis being more square-shaped. The black WC plate is exclusive to the race-stocks, but some race-stocks have the plastic/aluminum plate. I'm not sure what plates are on each of the retail skis for the past couple of years. There was a newer one for the Neox, and now there's a plate with the word "Powerbridge" on it.

The black WC plate is softer than the plastic/aluminum plate that was on the retail skis for a couple of years.
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As regards stiffness, if these are race stock they will have the flex number on the ski, either handwritten on a sticker on the binding plate or stenciled in on the tail of the ski. Generally speaking higher flex numbers mean stiffer skis. If you are free skiing these and are not really big and really fit, you may want skis with lower flex numbers, ie less stiiff.
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I believe it's the other way around with Atomics. Lower numbers mean stiffer skis. I recall that the numbers are based on deflection measured from some machine. This is off the top of my head; somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
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Voltron, you are correct there. Higher is softer -- that much I do know.
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You may not be able to tell strictly from the plate as I have seen them with 2 kinds of plate. The dimensions are the surest way. The SL 11 race stock is either 114.5/65/101.5 or 111/65/101.5 (depending on the batch) and a 12M turning radius. The retail SL 11 has a 14M tuning radius.
Different story entirely for the SL 12. The SL 12 race stock is the same as the SL 11 race stock however the retail SL12 has more sidecut not less.
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Head first: Now that's detail! Thank You!

You would'nt happen to have a copy of the 2005/2006 race catalog now would you? I've just downloaded this years (2006/2007).
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No, sorry I don't. But I do remember that they did not list dimensions claiming it was proprietary information. They merely listed Sl 11's as 12M radius.
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