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Great Weather Links

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Here are a couple of the weather services we use for determining flight conditions. They offer some great information regarding current and forecast conditions. These are free, and available to the public.



Intellicast will also show specific areas forecast to get snow.

Was just looking at the storm sitting on top of Denver... it's a beaut!

To see it, use Aviation W.gov, and click on sattelite, and then click on the map DEN.. great pics!
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Two thumbs up for Intellicast.

My favorite, geared to the EC, and especially for storm predictions is http://www.easternuswx.com/
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i use the combo of wunderground.com weather.com and weather.gov

still trying to find a site that posts accurate snowfall at resorts
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This has been on this forum before, perhaps you're aware of it

It is SPOT-ON for my mountain's forecast. (in japan) Gives the resort's peak and base elevations and expected snow line as well as temps throughout the elevations.

choose your region, choose your resort, click 3-day forecast. scroll down. I check it daily.
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Thanks for posting the sites.
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those site get the weather from, then write it up the want to report it.
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