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Narrowing the choices

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This is my first post, so please bear with me if pertinent information is missing…

There are so many good skis out there, that it’s hard for me to narrow the demo list, and I need some suggestions. First my stats:

Skier: 6’-0”, 160 lbs (string bean), skiing 40 yrs., level 7 +/-, currently ski only about 10-15 days a year
Boots: Rossi Course X (just replaced last week with Tecnica Diablo Magma, not skied them yet)
Skis: K2 Mod X, 188cm, Marker bindings

This setup has worked pretty well for me, but it was my first purchase after about 10-12 years of telemark skiing. In retrospect, I wish I’d bought the stiffer Mod X Pro in the next size down, but generally I like the quickness and stability of my skis, and they also seem pretty forgiving. I also like my old Rossi boots, but they are completely packed out and no longer fit right. I mostly travel to ski in Colorado, so I take the conditions I get, whatever they are. I like to ski fast on the groomers, but focus on trees and steeps; and spend an appreciable amount of time in the bumps, although they are becoming less interesting to me with each passing year.

I’m looking for that one-quiver ski to replace my K2s, but with so many to choose from narrowing the list of demo models is tough. So far I’ve decided to try (in no particular order) Dynastar 8000, Elan Magfire 12, Fischer AMC 76, Head im77 & 82, Rossi B2 & B3 and Salomon Tornado. I have at least 2 trips planned this season in which to demo, and I know some models I’ll want to try different lengths.

Any thoughts, suggestions or additions to this mix? Thanks for your input.
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Where do you ski? I'm 6'4", 240lbs and recently replaced my K2 Axis X Pro (188cm) with a pair of Fischer RX 9's (180cm) and I am VERY pleased. It seems we enjoy skiing the same type of terrain, but we're not quite the same size .
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