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ski wheels/stuff to carry

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A thread last season described the dilema of some unfortunate type trying to get a jump start. I was a bit embarassed because a few days before that I realized that I had neglected to put cables in the back of the truck and had to turn some folks down. Somewhere out in that garage under the piles of stuff are four or five sets.

Today, I went our to the garage and tossed in as many things as should or usually do carry..... except for a few candy bars in the glove box, I think the only thing i am missing is a tow strap..... I used to have two of those but they have magically disappeared. My list looks something like:

poncho, gloves, flares, duct tape, fix-a-flat, small inflator, wire ties, basic tools.

I was suprised that all that stuff fit under the small box under the jump seat in a Toyota truck with still some room to spare.

Does anyone have any other items that they just gotta have for those winter drives???
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Throw in a rimless tire. Passanger car tire will work fine but if you can muscle it around a truck tire is better.

You hook them up like this:


stuck vehicle on one end, non-stuck vehicle on the other, chain or strap running from each vehicle and joined by a tire in the middle.

It makes it MUCH easier to "un-stuck" a vehicle. Lets you get a running start with the tire acting as a shock absorber to prevent breakage.
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Yuki - If you're out of town often, throw in a sleeping bag, or a couple of these Beiderlack (sp.?) blankets from Costco.

Candles just don't cut it at night on a lonely road.

Plus, it's always better to pull over for a quick nap when you need it. Blankets will keep you warm so you can get that nap without a case of CO poisoning.
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I keep my bicycle floor pump in the car. That way if I can get to a station if the leak is slow and not have to deal with changing the tire. Or let some poor lame soul use it to pump up their spare which they discovered was flat when they tried to change their flat.

I carry a ton of stuff in addition to the above such as a shovel, entrenching tool, chains, water, 1st aid/survival, tarp, flashlight, tools (duh), hose to siphon gas, gas can, and on and on... and a membership to AAA for cheap towing. Oh yeah, some kind of hide-a-key set up.
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Don't forget the kitty litter. Works pretty well for stuck vehicles. Other items: Old gloves, soapless hand cleaner, disposable coveralls, hoseclamps and some rubber material (if you pop a hose) lock heater or anti-freeze for the door locks. I carry a sleeping bag in the back of my truck just in case. For the people with trucks w/a canopy. I made a false floor that fits in the bed. It is made out of plywood and 2x6s. The plywood is on the top and bottom and the 2x6 are on the 2 inch side. One on each side and one on the end toward the cab. The other end is open with a 2x6 running somewhat diagonal for strength. Inside the false floor go the skis and poles. The are out of sight with the tailgate up and don't move around. I covered the top with indoor/outdoor carpeting. <FONT size="1">

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