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Ski Patroller Blogs

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Thought all of you would be interested in reading the musings and blogging of a wide variety of patrollers.

If anyone knows of others, please add and share the wealth.

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Mine is http://trailpatrol.blogspot.com/ and it would certainly have something about ski patrol in it if we would get something to patrol ON. Maybe, supposedly, tomorrow night we'll get 3-5 inches. Can't groom it, (need 6-8 to groom Nordic) but we WILL ski on it!

Think snow!
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Thanks for the links. At Crystal Mountain, WA, we keep a blog at www.blogcrystal.com. I also have a personal blog, which includes much of my life as a patroller at www.kimkircher.com.



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I'm a candidate this season who is posting a blog about the journey to become a patroller.


I've wanted to join the patrol for some time but surprisingly there is very little in the way of information on the web beyond a few paragraphs on patrol websites on why you should join... Pretty generic stuff.  I have a wife, kids, career, etc. so I wanted to know more about the time and process to make sure I knew what I was getting into.


I spent many a late night looking for insight on what a volley patroller goes through in their candidate year to earn their bones.  I kept coming up empty so I decided to leave my thoughts for those of you behind me who would like to join a patrol but really want to know what goes on behind the scenes on the process.  (its a long process...)


Hopefully this will help some of you get off the fence and sign on to your local patrol.  For some it might de-romance it, I guess that is OK also. Better to know now than 4 or 5 months in...     I've kept my mountain out of it as I don't want it to be about the mountain or that patrol but its written from the point of view of helping others who are considering joining a patrol to get some perspective on what it takes to get through the candidate season. 







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